PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR COMEDIES BUT ANY FILM SUBMITTED WILL BE OPEN FOR CONSIDERATION. If you have a drama, documentary, music video, narrative, or something completely different, we'd love to see it.

There's a new addition coming to late night television: "Hella Late with Rob Sherrell"!

Hella Late is a new urban-styled online late night show from executive producer and comedian, Rob Sherrell (@RobJustJokin on Twitter). Think if Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers had a Black baby. The show combines traditional late night content (Ya know, stuff like monologues, desk bits, sketches, etc) and YOU!

In place of traditional commercial breaks for the new show, we decided to showcase the funniest short films from around the world! Each week we will select 1-2 short films from our submissions and if selected, we will stream your work live on the show. Wherever the show is watched online, your short will be watched as well and credited.

Example: "And for our break we have a short written by (Your name) and directed by (Your name) called (Name of your film)! Why? Because traditional commercials are hella overrated."

There is a focus on diversity and inclusion on the show. So, preference is given to films that are written, directed, or starred in by people of minority status (i.e. People of color, women, and members of the LGBT community). We feel that due to generations of marginalization, the creativity of minorities isn't showcased enough in a television production and that's hella whack. (If you fit the bill, tell us in your cover letter. Nothing long, pretty much just like "Hey, I'm a minority and here is my film.")

This is only a preference, we will accept films from anyone, so if you think your short is the best, submit it to us so we can check it out!

At the end of the season in April, we will have a live screening of all the chosen work at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN so that the community may come and see your film in action. You can come too! We'd love to have you in person to represent your work. After the screening there will be a cool networking social to give you a chance to meet other filmmakers and people who saw your work on the show. Rob Sherrell and the Hella Late team will be there as well.

We know that filmmaking can be expensive, so we decided to keep the submission fees hella cheap to make it a little easier on you. We have a rolling submission and deadline so you can submit your work and know if it will be included in the show before the April 1st notification date.

Now the fun stuff!

- All films selected to be in the show will split 25% of ALL submission fees obtained
(That could be hella money!)
- A spot in the "Special Thanks" section of the credits at the end of each episode of the show
- A personalized and signed certificate stating that your work is an official selection
- Inclusion of your work on our website, Twitter page, any appropriate channels for viewing.

The short film determined to be the best by an online audience vote will be awarded a custom "Hella Late" trophy.

More awards and prizes may be added and will be updated on our Twitter page.

- You must have ALL the rights to your film. This includes music.
- Films submitted should be no longer than 4 minutes.
- We must be sent a link to a downloadable version of your film within 2 business days of notification.
- All films must be in English or subtitled in English.
- If you are a student submission, we will need to be sent an copy of your student ID within 2 business days of notification.
- If selected, you will need to provide your own transportation to Bloomington, IN for the live screening. (Date TBD, you will be notified.)
- All submission must be in HD, no less than 720p resolution.
- Cell phone, drone, or new media captured footage and films are welcome.
- All awards and prizes will be sent by a combination of mail and email.
- By submitting, you are agreeing to have your work and any associated imagery available for inclusion on "Hella Late with Rob Sherrell" and the various channels and platforms of streaming and broadcast viewing.

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