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Hell Pass

During WWII sixteen thousand troops, sixty percent being African American were tasked with constructing a road, which was to be the lifeline for supplies into China. These soldiers were asked to deal with unimaginable conditions. The 45th EGSR blew down mountainsides, built bridges over treacherous swamps, and create paths through disease-infested rainforests--all while dealing with Monsoons, headhunters, racism and disease.

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Writer Biography - A. P. Ri’Chard

A. P Ri'Chard is a very passionate writer and producer. He is a brilliant self-starter who over the last several years of his life has submitted to his creativity, yielding an extraordinary exposition of seven dynamically original screenplays and five dramatic and comedy TV series.
A.P had been driven by a sudden burst of creative writing that first emerged through a multi-dimensional dream that transformed his life. Upon awakening from that dream several years ago he became purposefully driven to quit his job and write with laser-like focus. Day after day he put pen to paper; he fully believed that someone with clout would see his work and believe in his potential. As such, he formed United Spirits Media Group to facilitate the exposure and distribution of all the work he has completed and continues to develop.
A.P’s second novel, Caged Innocence was released by Simon and Schuster in 2008. He has ghostwritten for a television personality, and has written several Features that have caught the eye of industry professionals, along with private investment groups.
Where's Harry, The Harry T. Moore Story Hell Pass
Family Loyalty
A Little Off Kilter
King Of Rhythm “The Ike Turner Story”
The Market Place
You Never Know
HotShotz (rewrite in progress, pilot created) Black Vegas Still On The Job “
Caged Innocence (Based on Novel)
Fed Up
Shadow Of Memory (Based on Novel) Damn! (Based on my Novel)

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I’m working extremely hard to get better. Just need a break