Love the Life you live.
Director Biography (2018) PAW
Heather Rose Lupex was born in May 9,1990 In Southern California. She was raised and trained to sing at a young age from a family that supported musical theater. Her Interest and passion towards acting, directing and producing began to gain momentum when she was in college at Mount San Antonio during 2012. There she studied more theatre and radio broadcast courses and when she began college at Orange Coast College in 2015 the focus transitioned more to television and film directing. As well as, producing and script writing.
There have been many career highlights in terms of college as well as performing and working as a background actress that started In February 2015. Most of her College life included working at the same time for background performer agencies , which allowed more experience on set as well as more flexible schedule for college classes in general. Currently, Heather is finishing up her BA In Sociology at CAL state San Marcos. Prior to Covid-19 In June 2019-Dec 2019 she started to develop a film production company called Lupex Productions. After choosing to go back to college during Covid-19 there has been a hold and pause on the company. In 2023-2024 she is creating a soft opening within the company to focus on post-production for four short films and finishing her BA. 2023 will establish a full opening of now re-branded name Rose Lupex Film Productions as well as an expansion of multiple business launches from the Rose Lupex Production Company.
Director Statement
OCC Student College Filmmaker
Many fantasy stories have humanistic morals which allow the audience to relate. Moreover, there are deep dark unwanted subconscious truths that many would choose not to discover. Within this each individual eventually must uncover their own unique truth or from Ernest’s perspective; a puzzle to be figured out in order to enter into one’s full potential. It is a quest and a journey towards whether to choose optimism or pessimism. -Heather Rose Lupex May 22 2018
Birth Date
May 9, 1990
Birth City
West Covina
Current City
Huntington Beach
West Covina
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Life Is a Process. Staying grounded with a Peace of mind and wonderful work ethic is beneficial for growth and confidence towards self-development. Within each mistake comes a lesson, new opportunity, new chapters with new connections. Perfection Is an Illusion an sometimes the most unusual flaws become an Individuals strength. Sometimes the teacher, sometimes the student; within everything love is mostly always at the center of foundational movement or flow. Within creating change comes honesty and acceptance for what Is. This allows space to make room for what will be; limits are social constructed notions ties up in pretty bows. Within It all, respect for ones own unique journey requires a dismissal of self-betrayal, deliverance from self-denial and welcomes a rebirth of the inner-awakening truth that has always been known, but not presented- Heather Rose Lupex April 5 2023
Love the Life you live.
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