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Heart of a Hunter

A group of tourists visiting a Caribbean Whaling museum in 2022 encounter an older MAN(60s) who tells them a story about the Caribbean island of Bequia in 1972.
VECTOR(19) and his best friend ALANA(18) fish for conch. Vector dives beneath the waves and hears sad whale songs. He is moved and identifies with the whale. Returning to their village with their catch, Vector and Alana meet up with many other villagers prepping their catch.
Among them are ZANE(21) and his father, ROCKFORD(50s), who are whalers. They rib Vector to join them in the hunt, but he has no interest. Vector returns home for dinner with his loving family RACHEL(13), PEARL(47), and his father, a whaler MELTON. Melton is tolerant of his son's choice not to join the hunt.
In a bar later that night, we meet some of the other villagers. We see Vector, his friends' SONNY(20s) and DRAKE(20s), as well as the hot CARINA(19). Things get heated at the bar, and a local cop, OFFICER CAMERON, must break it up.
The next day when Vector is fishing, he interferes with a whaling catch, rowing his boat to stop Melton and Rockford from killing a whale. They are furious with him "hunting whales is our culture.” KIMBO(26) is mad, he was looking forward to a profit from the whale meat. GHEDE, an old woman with mystical sight, foretells that Vector's life and the whales are "tight together." Kimbo and Vector's rivalry is further deepened when Vector wins a sailing regatta despite Kimbo's attempt to ram his boat. Vector's quick thinking causes Kimbo to wreck his boat instead.
A whale hunt nearly kills the adult male in a pod, but Rockford's legs are broken and later amputated, and Melton is killed in the process. The whalers want to go after the male and the female and baby as well in revenge. Zane is bound by his father to kill all three in revenge. "Sometimes it takes death to breathe life into a hunter." Vector disagrees. He and Alana kiss and acknowledge they are more than friends. Later, he prevents the baby whale from being killed, and in return, the baby saves his life, but the male whale is killed—vector names the baby whale INNOCENT.
Carina tries to break up Vector and Alana by kissing him, and Vector's boat is burned by Kimbo in retaliation for his boat being destroyed. Their fight heats up. Zane remains determined to kill the baby whale to avenge his father, who eggs him on to avenge him, even though the village's older people declare that this is not their way: whales are killed for food, nothing else. An older MAN gives Vector his old boat to go out to sea and stop the murder of Innocent. Vector again saves the calf's life at sea, and Zane is thrown overboard and was rescued by the Calf Innocent. Kimbo is arrested, and Vector happily introduces his whale friend to Sonny and Alana, with whom he has reunited.
Back in modern times, the tour group sees their storyteller dive into the ocean and surface on a whale's back – the story was true.

  • Enos Peniston
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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Writer - Enos Peniston