Haunted by the Future

‘You're in your living room holding your phone. Through the camera, everything looks normal. Suddenly, the screen begins to flicker. You sense a figure. A ghost. And then a girl's voice starts whispering to you …’

Haunted by the Future is a horror story that revolves around climate justice. Written and directed by Christian Lollike, the story unfolds as a virtual theatre in your own home. Via the app, fiction collides with the audience’s reality. The characters in the story move virtually around the audience’s room and speak directly to them. The main character, the voice of a young woman, haunts your future through volumetric recordings and binaural sound design. The acclaimed Sort/Hvid [Black/White] theatre and XR company Khora have joined forces to imagine and create this volumetric AR app that can transform any room into a stage. As a holographic theatre experience, the app experiments with an entirely new format, the first step towards further experiences of this kind.

Distribution: Haunted by the Future is an app available in the IOS App Store. Link: https://apps.apple.com/dk/app/haunted-by-the-future/id1562283823
Hardware requirements: The app can be installed on newer iPhones (from iPhone X) or newer iPads. For an exhibition installation, over-ear headphones with noise cancellation would be preferred. 4 x 4 metres of free space is ideal while the minimum free space needed is 3 x 3 metres. The floor should be cleared.

  • Christian Lollike
  • Christian Lollike
  • Simon Lajboschitz
  • Ann Crosset
    Key Cast
    Dancer in the Dark
  • Mercedes Claro Schelin
    Key Cast
  • Christopher Schinkel Larsen
    CG Artist
  • Anders Bjørn Rørbæk
    Sound Designer
  • Mikkel Juul Jensen
  • Project Type:
    Performance, Augmented Reality
  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    10 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 4, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Christian Lollike

Christian Lollike (1973) is working with stage and installation art in theaters, public areas and virtual platforms. He has produced a comprehensive amount of theatre texts and his texts are being played in and outside Europe. During the last couple of years, Lollike’s work has been dealing more and more with inter-aesthetics and he has made a ballet, an opera installation and a political party. His artistic drive derives from wanting to understand events, social trends and changes in politics and society. He is known as one of the most progressive playwrights and artists in Denmark and has received awards for stage art in Denmark. Christian Lollike is the artistic Director of Sort / Hvid.

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Director Statement

We imagined a format that used technology to move the story into the audience's home. In a way, the work was inspired by the confinement here, which has been ongoing since March 2020. In Haunted by the Future, the audience is not just sent home; they are also haunted.