Harri James is a former actress, turned script supervisor, turned writer-director. She has written and directed a feature film, a feature documentary, and several award-winning shorts, and is a Director Member of the Directors Guild of America.
Harri is also a member of SAG/AFTRA, and has acted in several television shows as well as feature films such as “Diehard,” “Action Jackson,” “Zeus and Roxanne,” and “187.” More recently, she can be seen in the film “Getting Grace” on Hulu and in an episode of the TV show “Stumptown" and the soon to be released feature "The Hail Mary."
From acting, Harri segued into script supervising and has worked for more than 30 years on numerous features and TV series while raising her three twice exceptional kids. Out of her passion for gifted and special needs education, Harri has also created The O’Kelley Lab with her family— a grass roots effort to lend supports and create new therapies for 2e and gifted Individuals as well as film projects.
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