Please note before submitting:
We only accept films shot and to be exhibited in the 16mm FILM FORMAT. No other format will be accepted.

The Harkat 16mm Film Festival has been conceived with a view of re-connecting with the cinematic medium through it's celluloid history. It is organised by Harkat, an alternative arts space and a film production company based out of Versova, Mumbai.

It’s been 121 years since the Lumière Brothers screened the first film in India and we have come a very long way since then. Moving to now, we are situated at the heart of where the film industry in Mumbai lives and works, the festival aims at bringing back love for the medium of film and it’s histories through the showing of many popular and new-age experimental film.

This is the first time the festival is happening and it will supplemented by various activities like the production of single take 1 minute films on a 16mm camera for young film makers and talks around the history and magic of filming on celluloid.

- We only accept films shot and preserved in the 16mm film format.
- The festival schedule will be released on September 15th.
- Once a film entry is submitted, it must be sent in.
- The festival will quality check each print and send a QC report and will then take responsibility of it being sent back in the same condition.
- All films must be accompanied with a synopsis of the film and any supplementary graphics.
- The festival will not be able to pay for the travel and allowance for any of the entries accepted.
- The festival is under no obligation to accept the submitted film