Hard Promises

With the help of his psychic girlfriend, a troubled man is compelled to find and confront the serial killer responsible for his childhood abduction and the murder of his best friend.

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Writer Biography

Barbara Bianchini was born and raised in a Northern New Jersey. As an analyst, Barbara uses critical thinking, researching, examining, and rationalizing in order to mitigate a legal defense. Being an avid ghost hunter and experiencing the paranormal first hand, Barbara love creating characters that capture the mystery of the unknown. Currently living in South Jersey, the shore is Barbara's source of inspiration to write and conjure. HARD PROMISES is Barbara's debut screenplay.

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Writer Statement

Creating characters, their conflicts, and actions/reactions is my passion. Getting into the zone, hearing my characters voices in my head, feeling them come to life, and getting it down on the page is the equivalent to finding wings and soaring.