HarassMe is a short shorts film festival produced by Cat Call Choir that aims at capturing the essence of what it feels like to be harassed based on one's gender. Film categories include public spaces, workplace, online, and youth. Novice and first time filmmakers are highly encouraged to enter. Professional filmmakers are challenged to find a subject with a story to tell and help them manifest it through film.

PianoFight is a premiere Indy Entertainment spot in San Francisco and home to events like SF Sketchfest, and host to 20-year Bay Area veterans Killing My Lobster.

Awards & Prizes

All films, on-time and late, are eligible for Audience Choice Awards, one from each category. Winners will be determined by audience ballot from all screening locations in San Francisco and Oakland, CA and each of these filmmakers will receive $100USD. Three local filmmakers will receive prizes from Bay Area businesses such as certificates for equipment rental and production studio time. Three non-local filmmakers will receive a one-year subscription for Adobe Premiere Pro CC in download form. These prizes will be awarded by random lottery.

Rules & Terms

Hello, and thank you for checking out HarassMe Short Shorts Film Festival! We are looking forward to the opportunity to experience your personal stories and present them to others in guaranteed public screenings in San Francisco and Oakland, California. We know that some of your films will be funny, some will be surreal, and some will make us cry. We want to share them all. Your contribution will help HarassMe illustrate the importance of lending equal weight to all victims' perspectives.

Audience accessibility is equally essential to our mission and we want as many people as possible to see your film. Therefore, public screenings will be based on recommended donation levels and NO ONE will be turned away for a lack of funds.

Please email us at catcallchoir@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. Follow @catcallchoir on all social media to stay informed of festival developments and announcements.

Rules and Terms:
1. All films must adhere to the one minute maximum time limit and may NOT include credits. Film credits will appear in festival programs.
2. Films that include spoken or written words may be in ANY language.
3. Although we do not recommend subtitles, they too may be in ANY language.
4. There is no limit to number of entries per filmmaker.
5. Audience Choice Awards in each category will be determined by in-person ballots at all public screening locations.
7. Entry fees are based on recommended donation levels to allow anyone regardless of their financial situation to participate.