Hapless Fu

A happy-go-lucky Asian cop in LA loses his confidence, self-respect, job and his girl after an embarrassing incident ruins him. Now this fool is mankind's only hope to stop World War III!

  • James Day
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    United States
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Writer Biography - James Day

James Day was born in Maine but spent about half his life on the west coast (why, he doesn't know). He triumphantly returned to New England to do what he has always loved most – to write. His first screenplay, Hapless Fu, is a slapstick comedy about a man named Fu, a once happy-go-lucky Asian-American cop in Los Angeles. Due to a terribly embarrassing incident, it causes Fu's life and career go to Hell in a handbasket. The rest of the movie is spent trying to get his life back in order but failing miserably at every turn. However, he ends up saving the world from nuclear annihilation by stopping a madman from launching nukes, so it has a happy ending after all as Fu is hailed by everyone as the hero of our planet!
The screenplay was selected in six festival contests and was a Finalist in the Austin After Dark Film Festival (2020) and won third place in the Depth of Field International Film Festival (2019). James is interested in writing for various genres and is almost finished with his next screenplay, this one a historical drama set 100 years ago. The story coming after that will be a science-fiction thriller set in the near future.

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