Our vision is to unite the Masters of storytelling for thought provoking discussions.

In addition to a panel discussion, we will offer creative workshops that will inspire all storytellers. Be the voice they need to create new and exciting content that will fall within the new standards of a new Hollywood. Join your peers and learn from industry leaders, filmmakers, producers, and screenwriters as we discuss among others:

*How being inclusive, diverse and conscious about an ecological footprint will spearhead new production guidelines.

* How to build a story around a location, how to pick the right location.

* The use of public lands, permits and a discussion with a US Representative.
Our goal is to spark conversation and action, continuing with what is already in motion – there is no time to wait, the time is NOW!

May this be a spark to see storytelling in a new way, get the motivation and tools needed to complete and pick the brains of Hollywood’s best.

We will be giving out some prizes for tickets buyers, donated by our sponsors.
We will also be awarding a special someone (to be announced later) with Hane-Saga 2021 Storyteller award.

For in person attendees, we ask that you oblige by the guidelines set by our festival.