Han Umji's relaxed joke, "It's a lot of trouble if you leave the house.

"I'm happy to be here on a trip to Taiwan."

Busan BNK Sum won 77-65 in the second game against Taiwan's national team B at the 42nd William Jones Cup at Huffing Gymnasium in Taipei, Taiwan, on the 6th.

Jinan (19 points and 11 rebounds), who recorded a double-double, stood out, but Han Um-ji's performance with 13 points and 7 rebounds also played an important role. In particular, BNK in the third quarter, which was chased by Taiwan, was able to regain the atmosphere with Han Um-ji's breakthrough following a layup shot.

After the game, Han Um-ji said, "I think it was because I couldn't show what I prepared because I was physically tired," adding, "The coach emphasized the basics to the players during half-time," adding, "Fortunately, the players came to their senses and overcame it well."

Han scored 11 points against Iran the previous day. The secret to his good performance in two consecutive games was the knee strengthening training conducted in the off-season.

Han Um-ji said, "I usually have a bad knee," adding, "I worked hard to strengthen my knee in the off-season," adding, "As the national team players were selected in the off-season, I had a lot of opportunities to work with the rest of the players." "More than anything else, the players caught the part requested by the coach in the off-season, and the part they trained faster seems to be leading to a good performance," he said

Coach Park Jung-eun emphasized the growth of the sixth man during the off-season, and for the growth of the sixth man, the main members may start off the bench or the game time may be reduced as usual.

In response, Han Um-ji said, "I personally think it's not bad to start on the bench. "There are some provocative parts, but I'm trying to reverse the atmosphere of the game when I'm put on the bench," he said. "I'm trying to participate in faster attacks because I'm put on later than the main players."

BNK has been conducting field training and practice matches in Taiwan since the end of July. There will be difficulties living abroad for a long time. Han Um-ji said, "In Korean, 'If you leave home, you go to high school.' That's how it feels like that. I've been staying in Taiwan for a long time from the camp to the Jones Cup, and the hardest part seems to be that I can' However, I haven't been able to go abroad for a few years due to COVID-19, but on the other hand, I feel good to travel to Taiwan."

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