This June, the inaugural Hampton Roads Caribbean Film Festival (HRCFF) will begin the tradition of celebrating vibrant and unique stories from the Caribbean and its diaspora, across the seven cities.

Through the power of film, the Hampton Roads Caribbean Film Festival aims to not only entertain, but to create dialogue, generate a cultural appreciation and understanding of Caribbean life and its people through visual storytelling, and to further enrich the expanding and diverse community of Hampton Roads.

Rules & Terms

Films should have a connection to the Caribbean or its diaspora, which includes:

-Filmmakers, actors, and/or production crew from the Caribbean or of Caribbean heritage.
-The film is themed around a Caribbean subject (cultural, historical, etc.).
-It was filmed in the Caribbean, or in communities where significant Caribbean populations reside (i.e. NYC, Miami, Washington D.C., Boston, London, Toronto).

Submissions must also include:

-Synopsis - a short, typed description of the film.
-Credits - A complete list of the principal cast and production credits.
-3 High resolution (at least 300 ppi) production stills or screen shots.
-Trailer of film. Trailers will be used to advertise the film festival. If you choose not to submit a trailer, The HRCFF Committee reserves the right to create one based on your entry.
-Any foreign language films must provide English subtitles.
-Feature Films: Must run 40 min. or longer.
-Shorts: Must run under 40 mins.