Welcome to Hammond Horror Fest 2020! This year marks the 9th Annual Hammond Horror Festival, a series of events taking place in and around downtown Hammond that is sure to entertain you with a twist of horror just in time for Halloween.

The purpose of the Hammond Horror Festival is to provide an annual community project for local, regional and international artists of all mediums to showcase their work in an alternative celebration of the arts. Established in October 2011, Hammond Horror Fest is designed to embrace the contributions, tastes, and cultural energies that local and international professional and student artists bring to the festival.

The planned location of the festival is downtown Hammond, LA, and various surrounding areas, to support and enrich the arts and culture of this historic city. The goal of this festival is to inspire local and international artists to get involved with our community in the spirit of Halloween, and will do so by welcoming a spread of performances and exhibitions of art including, but not limited to: theatre, film, music, visual arts, dance, and poetry/spoken word.

The 48 HR Films
Best Picture
Audience Choice Award

Official Selection

Use of Film and Intellectual Property Rights
Participants are solely responsible for protecting any intellectual property rights the participants may have in their contest entry, and are further solely responsible for obtaining permission, or otherwise complying with intellectual property laws pertaining to the film’s content (such as use of music, literary and other artistic expression of others). Participants, on behalf of themselves and their cast and crew, agree that the Hammond Horror Festival is given non-exclusive express permission to make and maintain copies of films and to use the films, along with names of participants and winners, as part of advertising of the competition, and for other instructional, educational and historical purposes without any compensation to participants or their cast and crew.

Legal Issues
Contest is void where prohibited by law. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. All Participants, including cast and crew, assume liability for all costs, damages and injuries related in any way to participation in this contest, and agree to indemnify the contest directors, the Hammond Horror Festival Board, and the Hammond Horror Festival from any and all such costs, damages and injuries, including any claims of violation of copyright law. HHF will not be providing insurance for the Participants, or their cast and crew, and Participants are encouraged to obtain insurance on their own behalf. Participants, on behalf of themselves and their cast and crew, release the contest directors, the Hammond Horror Festival Board, and the Hammond Horror Festival and their respective employees, officers and agents, as well as the judges, from any and all liability from injury, cost and damage resulting from participation in the contest.
Participants agree that they will not use any cast and crewmembers unless the cast and crewmembers have reviewed these Contest Rules and agreed to their terms.

Overall Rating
  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team  

    January 2021
  • Geechee One Films is very happy and excited our film Its A B$TCH Birthday was selected. My only request is that for next year they put up film schedules online for those who wouldn't mind traveling to be apart of the event. The website was never updated and selection and times before event day. Hopefully we can be apart next year and travel to be involved.

    October 2019
  • Daniele Zinelli

    beautiful festival and great seriousness.

    October 2019