Halloween Alarm

On Halloween, a womanizer with spider phobia seeks comfort with his girlfriends, only to face their vengeful, witchy punishments in a dark comedy of horrors.

"Jack loathes Halloween due to his extreme fear of spiders and general distaste for the supernatural. This womanizing playboy thinks he's found an escape by seeking solace with one of his many flings. Little does he know, they've banded together to subject him to a macabre night of revenge and terrifying torment. Jack's ordeal culminates in a chilling moment where he finds himself lying in an open casket, unsure if the nightmare has ended, is merely a dream, or is just beginning as he locks eyes with the Grim Reaper."

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    Screenplay, Short Script
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Writer Biography

Sophie is a German late-blooming, totally autodidact scriptwriter who won the 2022 Evolution Mallorca Film Festival with her debut feature script. In 2023, she was a twice finalist with her two scripts and became a month before an Award winner in Barcelona.
Based in Madrid, she started in the pandemic and has already written multiple scripts. Flickers Rhode Island Int. FF placed her this summer as a Semi-Finalist. Her favourite genres are romance drama and romantic comedy. She is also branching out her first short horror. Her dream is to get her first script produced in her lifetime.
Her writing is based on long life experiences, her kind of film school.
Sophie also treasures reading to her two little granddaughters.

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Writer Statement

Age should not limit pursuing one's dreams. My writing takes readers on an emotional journey, evoking laughter or tears.