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Kalan, a Minang man who was overcome by problems and bad luck. He was just expelled from his in-laws' house. Then, Kalan and Darti left for Ibu Kalan's house, on the way they stopped at the edge of Lake Maninjau to discuss what the sentence was to her mother to borrow Mother's house. Karna Kalan intends to occupy her empty mother's house. After arriving at Kalan's mother's house, Mother allowed the house to be occupied. However, after the house was permitted, his mother instead talked about Palinggam (sister kalan), which had become a burden of thought by her mother. These things become a burden of thought also for Kalan. At night Kalan asks his wife's permission (Darti) to go keep the floating net cages, but Kalan's departure only attempts to cover up the problem with his wife, Kalan does not go to Jala Apung Karamba, but instead looks for her sister in a hotel on the outskirts of Lake Maninjau. However, on the way Kalan hit a cat, In Minangkabau customs Menbarak cats at night is a sign of a bad luck. Kalan took the cat and put it in a used plastic bag provided by his wife before leaving. Arriving at the inn Kalan saw Palinggam with a woman who did not wear clothes.
In another place, at Kalan's new house, there was an incident beyond Kalan's knowledge, Darti (Kalan's wife) together with a man (Ujang), Ujang was a man who helped deliver the sent Sofa from Mrs. Kalan this afternoon.
Until the morning Kalan wanted to tell her mother about the news of Palinggam, but at the mother's house, there was already her uncle (mamak), mamak told Kalan about the house she lived in, that the house was in the land of Pusako and in Minangkabau custom a man who already has a wife is prohibited from living in the house of Pusako from his mother's family, he must have his own home or go to his in-laws' house. Kalan returned to the house she borrowed from her mother. At home, Kalan saw the bed in a mess, then Kalan cleaned the bed, tidied it up, Kalan walked towards the living room, Kalan lay on the sofa giving her mother, Kalan lay like a baby in the womb and the sofa was given by her mother like a womb. Shortly afterwards Darti came and stood in front of the door with a plastic bag in her right hand containing vegetables next to a plastic bag containing a dead cat leaning against the door. Kalan buried the cat he was still carrying with plastic in front of the house, while telling his wife about the house they were living in now standing on the land of Pusako. Then they left the house, they stood in front of the house with a bag that had been prepared, and Darti who hugged their wedding photo. Ujang (Darti affair) passed in front of them. This made Darti ask about their goal to Kalan.

  • Gilang Febriano Putra
    Freelance Director
  • Gilang Febriano Putra
    Freelance Writer
  • Adrina morita
    Teacher & Film Producers
  • Ikhsan Haryanto
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    26 minutes 50 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 23, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    400 USD
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Gilang Febriano Putra Born in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Gilang Febriano is a director, screenwriter, DOP, and film editor. Gilang has received the "Out standing Movie" award for 3 films at the Asean Youth Film festival in Guangzhou China. Now Gilang Febriano works for an advertising agency and becomes a freelance filmmaker in Jakarta.

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