Attention Houston Filmmakers:

Sure, you can (and people have) successfully shot a film with a cell phone. And that’s great! But if you want to work with state of the art, professional filmmaking equipment, you can get priced out of the game quickly. Consequently, many aspiring filmmakers never have the chance to follow through on their ambitions.

That’s why Houston Media Source is reaching out to Houston-area filmmakers. We want to give you the opportunity to work on the first of what we hope to be an ongoing series of short films with a Houston-centric attitude. Films that celebrate the unique character of our city. Films that could be made nowhere else besides Houston. We will provide you with access to all of the gear necessary to shoot and edit a short film.

If you would like to be included, the first step is to fill out an application and tell us how you would like to participate. Do you have a script that you would like to have produced? Did you record some music that should be in a movie? Have you ever had a desire to be an actor? Would you like to direct? Or are you interested in serving as a camera operator, a grip / gaffer, sound operator and / or editor?

One script will be selected and divided into three parts (e.g. beginning, middle, and end). Then, three production crews will be staffed with four members, each member having different responsibilities (e.g. director, grip, etc.) and each crew shooting one portion of the film as assigned. Post-production will be handled similarly - three editors will be selected, and the editing duties will be divided among them.

Industry professionals will mentor crew members throughout the process, and when the film is completed, it will premiere at a screening at the MATCH and then air on HMS-TV, Houston’s public access cable channel.

A script will be selected.

15 crew members will be selected to complete the project
They will be mentored by Hunter Carson (Paris, TX) and Jenny Waldo (Acid Test)

PRODUCTION PACKAGE (at NO COST to use for the production)
(2) Sony PMW-F55 (4K RAW, S Log2 & 3)
Fujinon Zoom Lenses and Sony Prime Lenses
Sony Alpha A9 DSLR Camera with Sony zoom lenses
Phantom 4+ Drone 4K
Crane 2 DSLR motorized gimbal
Sound Devices 688 Mixer/Recorder
Lectrosonic Wireless Lavalier Mics
Lowel Light kits, iKan iLED 312 bi color lights and Kino Flow Stands
Sachtler Tripods
Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic
Boom pole and C - Stands
Mathews car mounts
Matthews Round-D-Round Doorway Dolly with straight and curved track (includes centipede tray with roller skate wheels for the dolly)
all cables and power

Please complete the online application here on FilmFreeway and let us know what jobs you are interested in - Script, Director, Grip/Gaffer, Camera Operator, Sound Operator and/or Editor.

We will also take music submissions to create the soundtrack of the short film. Please submit your music in the MUSIC submission category.

We would like to see your resume, your reel, or examples of your work that you think will help us to gauge your levels of experience and abilities. (Jpeg, Png, PDF, MP4 or Mpeg files will be accepted, or online links.)

If you work with a team, please indicate who is in your team and how your team is structured. Each individual in the team must submit an online application and indicate that they are applying with their team, each production team consisting of four members (Director, Grip / Gaffer, Camera Operator, Sound Operator).

If you have a script to submit, be sure that it follows these guidelines:
1. The completed short film script will be no more than 15 pages long.
2. The film must have a Houston connection, e.g. set in Houston, dealing with issues specific to the community, etc.
3. The script requirements are realistic, e.g. a reasonably sized cast, minimum number of locations, minimal special effects, etc.

You may apply between February 23, 2019 and April 30, 2019. Once the applications have been evaluated, we will announce the selections on May 13, 2019, and three production crews consisting of four filmmakers and three editors will be assembled. Production and Post-production will take place during a window encompassing June 1, 2019 through July 27, 2019. The screening and initial airing of the short film will be scheduled for August 18, 2019 at the MATCH.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you realize your creative vision.

Please email