Welcome to the Horror Movie Freaks Film Festival. We are very pleased to announce our 6th year running! We can't wait to see what the indie world has to offer for the next HMF Film Fest!

Our goal with hosting this festival is to help get more focus on the indie and short film side of Horror. There is so much original, and amazing content coming from the indie world that its truly mind blowing.

The films will be shown to a live audience.

Good luck to all the filmmakers! We hope to see you all at the 2023 HMF Film Festival.

Official Selections will be announced on Sept. 3rd 2023. Selections will be promoted throughout the HMF network until the event on Fri. Oct 13th & Sat. Oct. 14th 2022

Awards for this event will be given out for the following:

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Super Short
Best NC Film
Best Foreign Film
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Writer
Best Cinematography
Best SFX

Super Shorts any film under 5 minutes
Shorts any film under 45 minutes
Feature any film over 45 minutes
All films must be based in the horror genre.
International films are welcome, but must have English subtitles.

Overall Rating
  • I have been fortunate enough to screen at the Horror Movie Freaks Film Fest in the past but this was my first year in attendance and it was COMPLETELY worth the wait! Josh and the HMF crew did an amazing job of not only communicating with filmmakers before the festival, but in promoting ALL of the films as much as they could, and making sure the attending filmmakers had everything they need! The Palmetto Theatre is an absolutely gorgeous venue, and the downtown area of Walnut Cove might look a little sleepy, but appearances can be deceiving, and we had the most fun time running amok there. HMF is a film festival run by filmmakers for film lovers and makers alike, and I cannot wait to see how much bigger, better and bloodier it gets next year!

    October 2022
  • Tito Fernandes

    Brilliant festival and an honour to be apart of.

    October 2022
  • Very interesting festival with very good organization and very helpful and knowledgeable staff.
    Thank you very much it was a real pleasure to be a part of it.

    October 2022
  • William Lilly

    Thank you for selecting my film for inclusion in your festival. I wish I could have been there personally, but life had other plans for me. Congratulations to all the winners, and I hope I can make it to the next one!

    October 2022
  • We are big fans of the Horror Movie Freaks Film Fest. They really know how to do a genre festival right. Highly recommended.

    October 2021