The Highlands Film Festival in partners with Western Carolina University is celebrating cinema in the town of Highlands. It’s a town known the United State over for its hospitality—and it’s also a town that knows how to take your stress away. We are welcoming you to the first year of celebrating the cinema from around the world and introduced the festival workshops as a way of teaching and inspiring the filmmakers of tomorrow. The Highlands Film Festival is going to take place in the Highlands, where you can connect creativity with mother earth. Highlands is a gorgeous little fairy town residing in the Mountains. It has been a hub for writers, filmmakers, businessmen come and forget about the stress of life.

The festival wants to have an Event in Highlands to promote tourism as well as bring filmmakers and artists to this town to feel free and let the souls of fresh air and the winds make their spirit so high that they achieve best for the long term. It is like "Come for a Blessing for your Project." The Event will feature movies from shorts, documentaries to animation and foreign films to student films. These unique, creative and diverse films come from passionate, independent global filmmakers bringing novel ideas and varied art forms to the craft. The Annual Festival will include Red Carpet, Special World Premiere Shows, Audience Choice Awards and Award Ceremony and much more. Educational workshops will be presented by brilliant filmmakers. We are delighted to have you to be part of this grandeur, amidst the beautiful Mountains. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to connect with the majestic of the town that is bringing filmmakers and creative artists from all genre.

Our Festival is expected to be thought-provoking, stimulating and powerful, and allow the viewers to see the world through a different lens. Audience members come together to explore, learn and engage in a healthy discourse, experiencing cultural events on par with the world’s greatest cities … right here in Highlands.

We provide the excellent customer service to the Film-Makers as each film-maker is part of our growing family, and, we are happy to assist from stage of submission to the end result at the Annual Event. We will try to be in touch with you within 24 hours to resolve any queries related to your film or submission. We are very excited to review your film and observe the detailed creativity of your work.

Additionally, HFF is promoting Highlands as a tourist destination and potential cinema production venue through its annual events. The quaint town of Highlands, NC is a hidden jewel just 2 hours’ drive north of Atlanta surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest and situated atop a plateau at elevation 4118 feet.

Experience mother natures’ four seasons, explore scenic drives and hiking trails; stroll beneath Dry Falls, drive under Bridal Veil Falls or view Whitewater Falls – the tallest east of the Rockies at 411 feet. Visit Highlands for the ultimate mountain experience and see why Southern Living chose Highlands a top 5 Small Town Getaway.

Early Entry Deadline– Shorts: US$30; Features: US$45
Official Entry Deadline – Shorts: US$45; Features: US$55
Late Entry Deadline – Features only: US$65

You must fully comply with these Entry Rules & Regulations, including all deadlines, film length, entry material and other requirements.

1. All non-English speaking films must be presented in their original version with English subtitles.

2. Short Film Entries should not exceed 30 minutes in duration excluding titles provided the titles don’t last for more than 2 extra minutes.

3.Feature films are 40 minutes in length or longer. Short films are under 40 minutes in length. All non-English speaking films must be presented in their original version with English subtitles. All subtitling expenses are to be met by the film’s producer.

4. Films previously entered and screened at our festival are not eligible for re-entry in subsequent years.

5. All submissions are screened and evaluated by the HFF Preview and Selection Committees, appointed by the festival steering committee. Their reports are final and confidential. All films received, which meet our criteria, will be screened at the festival in our Distributed Cinemas.

6. In the event of a film being withdrawn, HFF will not be liable to refund the fee or return the materials entered.

7. HFF will attempt to resolve any technical matter related to the submission. For more information and queries, contact us.

8. One entry fee per category. The same film can be entered one or more categories, but each category requires an entry fee.

9. Student Filmmakers are encouraged to apply with their student identity to prevail occasional discounts.

10.Entries must be submitted for pre-screening through If you use a secured link, you are REQUIRED to keep us updated with passwords or your film may be rejected.

12.Works in progress are accepted but are not encouraged. We cannot promise that we will be able to watch re-edited submissions. Please only submit works in progress if submitting close to the final deadline.

13.You may submit multiple entries but must fill out a separate entry form and pay an entry fee for each.