There are thousands of film festivals around the world that focus on culture, history, entertainment, science fiction, or something similar. However, there are very few film festivals that highlight humanitarian issues related to people with special needs or living through unusual social situations.
As a pioneer in providing for the less fortunate members of its society and highly ranked for its support of human rights, including care for the elderly and people with special needs, Sweden was the ideal location for the first Hope International Film Festival in the European Union.

The festival will be held from September 10th - 13th, 2021. The selected films will be screened in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

​The submissions opens on the15th of April and the deadline for submission is on the 15th of June. Films longer than 75 minutes should be submitted as feature films, and films less than 30 minutes should be submitted as short films.

Films that participate in the festival are selected by the festival’s judging committee. Not all submissions will be featured.

There is no fee for applying.

No compensation will be paid by the festival to showcase the film.

HIFF only accepts online watching links, any download link will be ignored.

Notification of approved films will be sent to the participants 2 months before the festival’s start date.

Selected films to participate in the festival may not be withdrawn.

Submitted films should be produced in 2020-2021. No contributions that have been produced before the year 2020 will be accepted in the official competition.

Submitted films should be subtitled to English or Swedish language.

Submitted films will not be accepted if they have been screened in Sweden before.

Hope International Film Festival has the right to manage the use of film clips and photographs from submitted films selected for the festival for all its image or print ads in all pages on the Internet utmost to promote the festival.