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Julianna realizes her luck is against her when she wakes up late, has to take the subway, breaks her heels, has coffee poured on her, but what really convinced her was the ‘tail’ she got on her way to work.
At work, it looks like the climax is upon her when her boss asks to see her, but she gets good news. She is being promoted.
While celebrating that wonderful news, she officially becomes a non believer of luck, no thanks to her twin brothers advice.

  • Agbesanwa Kehinde Ayomide
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    Screenplay, Short Script
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Writer Biography - Agbesanwa Kehinde Ayomide

Agbesanwa Ayomide was born and raised in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Growing up with books as her best friend, she has always looked for opportunities to also enthrall readers as young as she was with her own stories. Later, she discovered the amazing world of scriptwriting and began to dabble in it which led to a full-blown passion for writing scripts. When not absorbed in developing her next crazy idea, she is a full time student who loves eating and can be found reading a romance novel or two.

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Writer Statement

There is a story to be told in every circumstance. As someone with an over active imagination, I’ve discovered that every sound, tear, laughter and rejoicing has a story that will be an inspiration to at least one individual and that’s what I look for on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be a magic, it just needs to be real.