HC TV is a tv channel only available within the number one streaming device in America, Roku. Millions of people use Roku players every day. We want to make it possible for independent content to be available to be seen by millions of people everyday for free.

The winners of each category will have their content placed on HC TV for millions of people to have access to. Best Short Film $50.00. Best Feature Film $100.00. The four runner ups from each category will also be placed on HCTV.

1. You must have the rights to any content sent in; Including appropriate releases from actors, music, locations, etc. You may be asked to supply the relevant release forms.

2. Winners may be asked to supply images for thumbnails for channel.

3. Non english content may be sent in with the appropriate subtitles.

4. You retain the copyright to your content but you give HC VIDEO PRODUCTIONS the right to screen your film and to use images from your film for promotion until the end of time.

5. Submit your entries via Online Screener.

6.Any media (film or video) production produced in the previous five years is eligible.