The HCF Screenplay Competition not only provides screenwriters with over $50,000 in cash and prize value, we are one of the only competitions that provides critical resources (locations, camera equipment) in helping screenwriters produce their scripts.

The HCF Screenplay Competition was specifically designed to bridge the gap between the large number of quality scripts that are produced annually, and the small number of scripts that get green-lit for production. By providing a wide array of cash prizes and critical production resources such as equipment and shooting locations to filmmakers, our competition stands apart from traditional competitions who don't provide logistical resources to help bring your script to screen.

It's important for us to make this competition free to eliminate any and all barriers for up and coming screenwriters to participate. Since our mission at Hollywood Casting and Film is to bring together actors and filmmakers through our website,, what we will ask in return is for our semi-finalists to post your project/breakdown on our website so that you can become part of our exciting film community. (Upon selection of semi-finalists, we'll send you a link to create your breakdown in a matter of minutes).

Hollywood Talent Summit
As an extension of our Screenplay Competition, we invite screenwriters and filmmakers to submit with the understanding, should they be selected as a semi-finalist, they will be notified to post the project on the HCF website for actor members to consider. After projects are posted and selected breakdowns presented, HCF actor members will have an opportunity to submit video auditions (for talent living outside of Los Angeles county) and engage in local casting sessions in the Hollywood studios of HCF.

All Official Selection projects, Screenplay Finalists and participating actors will have an opportunity to be presented as part of the Talent Showcase. These selected acting contestants will perform in front of a distinguished jury and live audience of industry professionals, invited guests and general audiences (March 2019).

At Hollywood Casting and Film, our goal is to bring artists together to advance their craft. On both sides of the camera.

All screenplay entries will be given brief feedback, with options to consider more detailed services, as out lined below.

All applicants are required to post their project on HCF (note: that projects are welcome to post on other casting sites as well. This is a non-exclusive opportunity).
LA Applicants are required to cast their projects at Hollywood Casting and Film's casting studio, (located at 6900 Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles) but not required to cast all final roles with HCF talent members.
Non-LA applicants are required to invite actors to send either live/remote audition requests to actors.
For Shorts & Feature categories, in addition to submission of screenplay and any support materials, entrants must answer a few basic questions related to their project status.

Our competition is dedicated to supporting the discovery of new writers and filmmakers in a variety of categories. Award winners will receive cash prizes as well as a variety of equipment/logistical resources that will help films move closer to production. If the film is completed by July 31st 2019, it will be presented to local audiences and industry professionals during the Hollywood Talent Summit.

The TV Pilot competitions will include similar opportunities as the other categories, with prizes specifically dedicated to supporting the production of a promo/sizzle reel or proof of concept.

All screenplay entries will be given brief feedback, with options to consider more detailed services, as out lined below.

Short film and Feature film writers/directors will have access to actors looking to work with emerging filmmakers through our casting resources.

There will be 12 finalists that will be provided with production resources to help produce their films/shorts/pilots. Additionally, there will be 1 winner in each category that will receive cash prizes.

$3,500 cash towards production

$1,500 cash towards production

Pilots (Half hour):
$2,500 cash towards show promo reel

Pilots (One hour):
$2,500 cash towards show promo reel

Each of the Finalists will receive the following:

• Complimentary Production Service prizes (valued at $10,000 per project), including:
(1) Access to green screen studio
(2) Camera package (Sony PXW-X70 w/lens) and
(3)Sound package (Rode Sound kit w/ NTG-2 Mic, boom, headphones, cable)
• Complimentary membership to HCF
• Complimentary VIP Passes to the Hollywood Talent Summit
• Invitation to participate in the Industry Network (to take place during Summit)
• Project consideration by Industry Professionals requesting finalist Materials

All Finalists will be notified January 14th, with Grand Jury Prize winners announced January 25th.

All Applicants must post the project breakdowns for their scripts on Posting your breakdown entails creating a project/role description+uploading character sides. To do this, visit this link: - Then simply click the "create project" and "create role" buttons. Questions? Email:

-Screenwriters who are members of WGA and earn their living writing for TV or Features are non eligible.
-Screenplays that have been previously produced or optioned are not eligible.
- If the screenplay has been adapted from material outside of public domain, writer/filmmaker must have the rights.
Applicants should list what city they currently live in on their profiles.

Overall Rating
  • I did not have a great experience. I was given to understand that the festival would make their selections and award winners with the opportunity to option their script. I didn't realize that I was going to have to go through everything like that and not have that choice. I will not be entering this festival again. I am sorry.

    April 2019

    HCF Screenplay Competition was a wonderful experience.When I had a question about something I got a response quickly from Vinay Bhagat (Co Founder) of HCF. They were very hospitable as well and two of my scripts ended up being Semi-Finalists.Thank you HCF. -Divij Kak

    April 2019
  • The showrunners of the HCF Screenplay Competition have me less than impressed. This mostly comes down to the communication. During our exchange of emails I would often respond within a half an hour, while they would take up to two weeks and have still yet to follow up.
    They do not give off vibes of a well organized and diligent competition and I hope they are able to remedy these problems soon.

    April 2019
  • Álex Bandeira

    I really enjoyed having participated, although I can not go to the other stages. It was a great opportunity for me. Thank you.

    April 2019
  • Jasper Steed

    great working with you and look forward to hitting grand prize soon

    April 2019