Guyver vs Predator

Long ago a bio-weapon was created to combat a race of ruthless space traveling hunters, the creatures we know as PREDATORS.  The bio-weapon, known as the GUYVER, was made by an alien race referred to only as the “Creators”. The true purpose of the weapon is unknown… until a recent, chance encounter.
Due to his experience in using the Guyver in battling Cronos and their Zoanoid mutants, SEAN BAKER, our reluctant hero symbiotically bonded to the Guyver, is asked by the U.S. government to train a new unit of Guyver super soldiers in exchange for military resources to help fight Cronos.

The complete decimation of an elite Zoanoid Unit in the South American jungle leads Sean and the Guyver Unit into a battle that reveals never before seen characters like the Predator Queen, her Guardian Class Predators and elite Warrior Predators. Leading to an ending scene that will have fans screaming for a sequel!

Guyver vs. Predator is a story about a reluctant hero realizing his new life’s purpose and finding that he can’t do it alone.

Guyver vs. Predator puts two 80s and 90s cult classic characters against each other using the unique, sophisticated, pulse-pounding combat skills and weaponry that make them huge fan favorites.

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Writer Biography - Bryan C Spencer

My name is Bryan Spencer, and I am a retired Navy veteran.

I am an inspired writer of compelling fiction for young adults. I have forged many stories, concepts, and tall tales for years. Fueled with a deep love of scriptwriting, but needing the technical skill set to perfect my craft. I attended Full Sail University where my passion was further ignited. I have received my B.F.A. in Creative Writing for Entertainment. My goal as a writer is to craft stories that challenge my viewers. I have seen the Internet as an opportunity to demonstrate new forms of storytelling, and insight wonder in my future audience. Also, experience has taught me that the social networking world is a vibrant space where I can share my stories with a diverse audience of people around the world, and in turn encourage them to share their work as well. My motivation gives a new definition to productivity. I am inclined to be successful in all my endeavors in order to reach out and encourage other younger writers that also dream of being successful in the film industry.

 The road to writing action and science fiction has been triggered from the 20 years I have spent in the Navy as an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate. My job in the Navy ensues action through the ability of launching and recovery of combat aircraft. The flight deck of a Naval Aircraft Carrier further creates the realm of science fiction. My passion for storytelling was fostered in 2011 while on shore duty in the Navy. These keen aspects have been the backbone of the creation of my writing. My military training and dedication gives me a professional perspective on how to create and develop new screenplays with first hand knowledge of the many of the inner workings of how to display military fact. In the future I plan to continue forward with my goals of becoming a success in the film industry. Now that I am retired completing 20 years of service to my country.

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