"Guys Night Out"

Guys Night Out tells the story of four friends reuniting after years apart for one crazy adventure around their hometown that tests the strength of their brotherhood.
Act I.
The film opens in a police station locker room where a group of officers are surrounding a scorecard in an open locker door. The scorecard is used for an annual bet between a small group of officers in the precinct where the officer that makes the most high-profile arrests during a specific time of year gets a jackpot of money put in by the participants. Black police veteran, Sergeant Reginald Boykin walks into the locker room and is immediately made fun of for having the least amount of points despite being the one that created the game years ago. White hotshot cop, Officer Clement makes a side bet that if he gets one high profile arrest in the next 48 hours, he’ll win it all.
Next, we are introduced to Michael Trevor an accomplished dentist, laying on a couch in an office, completely distraught and complaining about his life. Jonah Irving the man that he's spilling his soul to, reminds Michael that he's his divorce attorney, not his therapist. Michael sits up and continues about how his life has gone downhill ever since his wife, Cassie, asked for a divorce. He says that he was suspended from work with pay after not being able to focus at work. The film goes into a quick flashback scene of Michael working in his dental office and accidentally chipping a patient's tooth that shares his wife's name. Back in Jonah's office, Jonah suggests that Michael goes out instead of trying to salvage what may already be lost. Michael refuses and says he'll never stop trying to win her back and doesn't want to be a bachelor for the rest of his life like Jonah. Jonah says that he has a girlfriend who is completely happy, unlike Cassie. Michael lies back down and starts crying again.
Dylan Hill, a successful architect, stands in the driveway of a mansion, having an argument with a representative of the building company. The argument gets so heated and have seemingly been going on for so long that a patrolman was called to the scene. Sgt. Boykin arrives to mediate the situation. Once cooler heads prevail, and the workers continue construction on the beautiful home, Boykin has a conversation with Dylan. It's revealed to Boykin that the house is being built for disgraced ex-NFL player Vince “The Problem” Walker. Dylan tells Boykin that he’s been friends with Vince since childhood, but they hardly get to hang out anymore. Boykin gives Dylan a card to a club event happening that evening and says that he'll be there doing security for the owner and they should come out. Dylan says he'll look into it. Boykin leaves and Dylan calls Jonah to ask what he's doing that evening but is taken aback by the sound of Michael crying in the background.
In the next scene, the audience is finally introduced to Vince Walker as he leaves a training facility in San Antonio with his sports agent. Vince is under contract with the San Antonio Commanders for the new professional football league, Alliance of American Football. Vince’s agent tells him that he’s got some new endorsements, but none of them are
with major companies because of his horrible reputation in the media. Vince gets a text from Dylan, asking if he’ll be in town tonight. Vince tells the sports agent to cancel his radio interview with the local AM sports talk radio station because he’s heading to Houston.
Jonah, Dylan, and Michael take a walk through The Galleria. They reminisce about how they used to chase after girls there when they were teenagers. Michael stops and start to cry once again and says that he met his wife there. Dylan then says he wants to get Cassie a gift from her favorite store and, Pressher Boutique. While in the store, Dylan manages to talk up Michael to the store owner, Rashda and she writes her number down. When they leave the store, Michael tears up the number, tosses the ripped paper in the air, and asks when Vince is showing up because he’s ready to go. Suddenly there’s commotion downstairs and they know it’s Vince.
In a lingerie store, Sgt. Boykin has a peeping tom in handcuffs who is coincidentally named Tom. Tom says that he was only following a woman around with his camera, because he thought it was Rihanna. Tom also reveals that he is a freelance photographer for a local trash magazine who is saving up to move to LA and work for TMZ. After seeing Vince in the mall, Boykin uncuffs Tom and strikes a deal with him to follow Vince around and report on his whereabouts.
The guys join Vince’s mob scene and joke around, asking for his autograph. They all hug Vince and say that it's time to catch up at their traditional spot.
The film cuts straight into the guys at a local cigar lounge enjoying premium cigars and reminiscing about when they first came up with their crew name, “The Stogie Boys” because of their love for cigars that was passed down to them from Jonah's father. The guys then talk about Vince's career and all his troubles, accompanied by flashback scenes showing his many run ins with the law and PR trouble. Vince says that the NFL mistreated him and that it was a conspiracy against him. Colinm Kirckpatrick walks into the cigar bar with his manager. Vince doesn't see him walk in but everyone else does. Dylan jokes and compares his setbacks with Kirckpatrick's and Vince agrees without catching the obvious sarcasm. Michael jokes that maybe he should join forces with him. Vince says maybe he should. Jonah tells him to go ask him now. Vince finally sees Kap and excitedly invites him over. Kap comes to the table and has a lighthearted exchange with the guys before leaving.
The guys go over to Michael's house to drop the gift off to Cassie. Cassie says that she doesn't have time for Michael's shenanigans because she's doing a charity event later that evening. Michael offers a celebrity for the event to give her event more notoriety. Cassie says it better not be Vince.
Act II.
The film smash cuts to Cassie's charity event where the guys stand around looking bored out of their minds. Vince complains that he didn't drive home to mingle with a bunch of bougie people
and that he wants to go out with his boys. Cassie's white charity partner, Justin, comes over to meet Vince. Michael reluctantly introduces him and tries his best to hide his hate towards Justin. Michael then abruptly shoos Justin away and continues his conversation with Vince. Michael says he needed the favor and assures Vince that he's just there to show his face. Suddenly, Cassie calls Vince on stage to speak and Vince awkwardly stumbles through his speech since he knows nothing about the charity. Tom films the whole thing, sneaking into the event as a server. Vince pledges that he will give five-thousand dollars for every touchdown play he makes, and his team will match it. Vince’s charitable pledge goes viral and he gets a call from his agent later telling him that he shouldn't have done that because he's broke, and the team doesn't have the funds to match his pledge. Vince comes up with a compromise that he just won't score any touchdowns. The agent says that their making him the face of the new league and not scoring will just get him thrown out and he'll be out of a job altogether. Vince tells Michael that he has to retract the pledge. Michael refuses to tell Cassie because he knows it'll look bad for him. So, Vince tells Cassie himself. Michael gets chewed out and she throws all the guys out the event.
Vince and Michael argue in the parking lot. Michael says that Vince blew his last chance of reconciliation with his bogus donation. The pair go back and forth until Dylan and Jonah finally intervene. Jonah says that he has the perfect place to salvage the situation.
The guys go to the strip club. Dylan gets drunk and start dancing with some of the dancers. Vince gets made fun of by some of the dancers because he's tipping very conservatively unlike other celebrities. Jonah gets a very sensual lap dance then tells the dancer that he'll be on late, indicating that she is his girlfriend. Michael gets marched out of a VIP room by the club's owner. At first the guys think that maybe he was being too frisky with his stripper, but it is revealed that he was using the private room as a makeshift therapy session. Before they leave Dylan tries to get the club owner to recite a familiar line by saying: “Hey, girl. Make that money…” The club owner quickly responds: “Shut the hell up and get the fuck out.”
Next, Tom reports back to the cop and tells him that not much is going on and suggests they find a different celebrity to follow. The cop tells him to stay on them and gives him flyers.
The guys sit in Jonah's Denali and asks what's next. Michael says he wants to go home and sulk alone in his misery. Dylan says the night is still young. Jonah asks what he suggests. Vince, Dylan, and Jonah say bar hop simultaneously. Michael groans.
We get a montage of the guys going from bar to bar drinking, flirting with women, and trying to hook Michael up with someone new, unknowingly being followed around by Tom. At the end of the montage, Tom pretends to be handing out flyers for a classic hip-hop and R&B party at the club the cop suggested Dylan to go to that night. Jonah quizzes Tom about the performers. Tom says that just because he doesn't know who they are doesn't mean he can't give out flyers and not to knock his hustle.
Act III.
The guys end up going to the party, walking in as Viviana Greenwood sings on stage. Vince gets a lot of attention per usual and gets pulled away by a bachelorette party. Michael follows him. Dylan and Jonah go to a bar and peeps out the scene. Dylan quickly becomes smitten by the bartender, Kim and starts flirting with her. She's charmed by his corny lines and Jonah walks off. The bachelorette party all surround Vince and take selfies with him for Instagram while Michael talks to the bride to be, giving her an unwanted premarital counseling session. By the end of their conversation, Michael horrifies the woman so much she steps away and calls her fiancé, telling him that she’s having second thoughts. Jonah walks around and spots Tom talking to Sgt. Boykin and pointing out Vince. Jonah then sees them shake hands before Sgt. Boykin heads toward the bar. Jonah catches up with Tom and asks what he tell the cop and Tom says that Sgt. Boykin is just a big fan. Despite his suspicions, Jonah lets Tom go when something else catches his eye. Sgt. Boykin interrupts Dylan's flirting and asks Kim for his special order. She makes a drink and slips some sort of powder in it without Dylan noticing since the cop grabs his attention. When Kim hands Boykin the drink, he abruptly ends the conversation and heads toward Vince. Dylan looks suspicious and asks if its normal for security to drink on the job. Kim says that Sgt. Boykin doesn't do security there, he does club promotion on the weekends. Dylan excuses himself from the bar and follows the cop. Jonah then goes over and whispers something in Michael's ear. Michael immediately runs away. The guys follow him, bypassing the cop before he could give the drink to Vince. DJ Spinds and Money Loves gets introduced on stage and they start their set. Michael stops in his tracks, frozen by the sight of Cassie and Justin, chilling in a booth. The guys catch up with him and tell him not to do anything stupid because it isn't worth it and maybe they’re just friends. Michael says that Cassie's favorite movie is “Something New” where Sanaa Lathan falls in love with a white guy. Vince says he needs to whoop his ass. Michael and the guys march to the table where an argument ensues, which somehow leads into a dance battle between Michael and Justin on stage. Before the dance battle begins, Michael grabs the mic and says that the battle is for Cassie's heart. Cassie's embarrassingly hides her face. Spinds DJs the dance battle. At the end of the battle Michael accidentally bumps Justin off stage and he falls and hurts himself after landing hard.
The next scene shows EMTs wheeling Justin away on a stretcher. While Michael follows, profusely apologizing. Cassie gets in the ambulance with Justin. She tells Michael that if he cannot accept the divorce the next paper he'll be served with is a restraining order. The ambulance pulls off and Michael looks depleted. Vince says that he can’t believe the night is ending on such a downer. Dylan looks around to all the people leaving and says that the afterparty is at Vince's mansion.
We smash cut to a house party in Vince's unfinished house, featuring characters that the guys ran into throughout the night. Spinds is DJing the spontaneous event. Jonah's girlfriend comes with a few of her stripper coworkers. And even Michael looks to be having a good time at the epic house party. Later, Sergeant Boykin bust in the house, back in uniform, with a news crew and a realtor. The realtor reveals that the property isn't paid for because Vince's deposit check bounced. Spinds immediately leaves after finding out Vince is broke. The cop says that they are all trespassing. People scramble to leave, but Vince and the guys are arrested.
In jail, the guys have a heated heart to heart conversation. Dylan yells at Vince about enlisting him to build the house. Michael complains about the guys may be responsible for him losing Cassie. Jonah argues about how distant Vince is, despite him giving Vince loans to stay afloat and brings up Vince not coming to his father’s funeral despite him being the coach that developed Vince’s skill the most. The guys eventually apologize to one another and settle their differences before getting bailed out by Cassie. However, she only makes bail for Vince, Dylan and Jonah.
While Vince, Dylan, and Jonah walk out of the precinct, Officer Clement argues with Sergeant Boykin about setting up Vince. Once the cop sees the guys, he continues to argue that the arrest shouldn't count because Vince wasn’t even locked up for an hour. Vince says that he’ll see Sergeant Boykin in court because he plans to sue the precinct. Sergeant Boykin says that he hopes he can afford a good lawyer. And Jonah says that he'll work the case pro bono for his guy. The cop looks nervous as the guys leave the precinct.
Now Michael stands in jail alone which allows Cassie and Michael to work things out alone. Cassie jokingly leaves Michael behind bars as Michael wonders if she’ll really bail him out.
The guys are on the road early trying to get Vince to San Antonio in time for the first game. Before the first play begins, Vince runs out on the field to a huge ovation. The announcers assume that he just wanted a big dramatic entrance.
The film ends with Vince catching a touchdown pass while representatives from the charity he pledged so much money to the night before, cheer in the stands.
The other guys are in a luxury box. They missed Vince's first big play because they are all passed out sleep.

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