This is a festival that pushes the boundaries of presentation. We especially love to showcase locally made films, this is all about expanding options for people to present and discover cinematic work in digital age.

We screen our selection in an independent cinema in or local port city of Wilmington, NC. Our entire festival is streamed online live and stored on our website so that people from across the world in different time zones can view together.

We're looking for anything creative in the film form, including music videos, documentaries, westerns, experiments, shorts and, features.

We are looking to showcase the underground of filmmakers that have gone undiscovered thus far in the digital age. We love films that are lofi, strange, unconventional, distinct, and ambitious.

Local filmmakers will vie for the coveted GutterBliss Film Grant! This relatively tremendous film grant will be given to one of six finalists for the purpose of making a future film.

All finalists will recieve a mystical golden gutter to boast their status as a top pick by the the GutterCast team.

All selected films will recieve a laurel.

Everything goes!

We don't care about runtime, genre or subject. All art asks us for engagement and we want to expand our engagment to showcase work from across all corners of the world.

If your film is selected then you will have to send us a download link or make the film downloadable so that we can play it at our live screening and on our online stream.

Overall Rating
  • Pélagie GALANAKIS

    wicked good vibes

    October 2023
  • Happy, friendly, enthusiastic and professional.
    Love the communication and updates....and hope to be part of this festival again in the future!

    September 2023
  • José Luis Dávila

    Gracias, es un Gran Festival y una bella iniciativa de ver cine independiente desde al Cuneta del Mundo, sigan así estimados artistas del Norte...

    September 2023
  • i hope you be best more and more you are very good and it was my honor

    September 2023
  • Dino Muccio

    Great festival. Great fun. The folks here communicated well, were kind to all... and very entertaining (which is what movies - and film festivals - ought to be). Keep up the good work. Keep growing. Persevere... and never lose sight of the primary reasons for movie-making and showings: the audience.

    Thank you for showing, The Struggle is Meal. It was good hearing an audience laugh!

    September 2023