This is a festival that pushes the boundaries of presentation. We broadcast a stream of varied film forms. We especially love to showcase locally made films, this is all about expanding options for people to present and discover cinematic work in digital age.
We're looking for anything creative in the film form, including music videos, documentaries, westerns, experiments, shorts and, features.

We are looking to showcase the underground of filmmakers that have gone undiscovered thus far in the digital age. We love films that are lofi, strange, unconventional, distinct, and ambitious.

We don't give awards yet. But go ahead and close your eyes and envision us giving you one, that's what it'd be like if we did.

Felt good didn't it?

Selected filmmakers will be invited to speak on our new podcast!

Everything goes!
We don't care about runtime, genre or subject. All art asks us for engagement and we want to expand our engagment to showcase work from across all corners of the world.
If your film is selected then you will have to send us a download link so that we can stream it on our twitch.

Overall Rating
  • One from the very least authentic festival experiences!

    September 2022
  • Thank you for being selected! Thanks.

    September 2022

    Thank you for being selected! Thanks.

    September 2022
  • Josh Sullivan

    Fantastic home-spun fest that doesn’t sacrifice personality for professionalism (it has both in spades). A great showcase for underseen cinema.

    September 2022
  • great new festival - clear and warm communication throughout the process - thanks for having us!

    September 2022