Guru Nanak Ji (Prayer)

One should use 1/10 of his/her earnings in helping poor's needy and weaker person's of the society. This message was been give ny Shri Guru Nanak Ji

  • Dr.Divya Tripathi
  • Deepak Sharma
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    गुरु नानक - 10 अनमोल उपदेश (Sikhism- The community which serves selflessly)
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    5 minutes 58 seconds
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    November 14, 2020
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Artist Biography

Dr.Divya Tripathi Born at Kanpur in 1980. She is Ph.D in Music, Net Qualified and working as Jr.School H.O.D with a premier esteemed institute in Delhi NCR. She has deep knowledge of Indian Classical Music and has performed in numerous stage shows and comptetions.

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Hi I am a learner and like to read, write, sing and act.