International solo guitarist festival, for original composed guitar music, featuring its video or film. For one man band to orchestra.
We like unique melodic harmony solos no matter of genre, from classic to shredding.
So, we want original composed music (in video), no matter of style, no matter of expensive studios or masterng. Just submit it.

1. place Grand prix (with money prize)
2. place certificate
3. place certificate
4. Best guitar music video
5. Best original guitar music

RULES – All good music are welcome

For guitarists over the age of 18 who are not under professional management and limitations

Record your instrumental solo, or record with backing track, or record with band/orchestra, you see – there are wide range solutions

No matter of genre ot style

We award best guitar music video (film).

Send before december 5th 2023. (extended date).

Record outside or record in studio – record anywhere you like

Must be original composed, by you, or composed for you

Send us link of video, pre-selection jury will listen deep carefully

You guarantee that all music and video you send, is owned by you

We should be inspired by your playing, we value melodic, clear and creativity

Recorded from 2020-2023

Minimum duration of single song/track is 2 minutess.

We very appreciate that max. duration of song do not go over 6 minutes, but this is not strictly defined

Jury will rate maximum 3 of your songs

Welcome 🎸