UNDERSTAND THE EVENT - GUIAR is the first festival created in Pernambuco with audiovisual online shows. The event will take place during five days and will feature international videodance films in competitive and non-competitive shows , as well as workshops, and live and online performance presentations.

The event was created from the annoyance of André Aguiar with the lack of public access to dance performances. "The challenge of inspiring people through the dance is greater because it is an ephemeral and face-to-face language. But through the audiovisual, this cultural expression can be appreciated at any time by people in different parts of the world, thanks to digital technologies and the internet", comments Aguiar.

The use of the Internet is also a key point for the event decentralization and to guarantee popular participation. On one of the days of the Festival, the audience will choose the film that will be screened, through voting by social networks. To make the event even more accessible, there will also be audiodescription, translators and subtitles in Portuguese and English.

The International Screendance Festival GUIAR, which takes place in Recife, Brazil, has open enrollment for the submission of films. All audiovisuals talking about dance, with dance and from dance can compete. The event has an incentive from the Government of Pernambuco, through the programe Funcultura.

Those interested in signing up for the competitive show must register films that have been finalized from 2010, with a digital copy (FullHD) and a duration of up to 25 minutes, at www.guiarfestival.com. It is also necessary to provide a synopsis and photos of the work. It's possible to register as many works as you wish, as long as the person in charge of the registration holds the exhibition rights.

The films will be evaluated by Gardênia Coleto and Marcelo Sena, curators of the Festival. They will analyze the works according to the criteria of quality, curriculum of the direction and of the film, novelty, thematic and diversity. Registration will take place until August 27, and the selected works will be announced on September 16th. The competitive show of the festival happens between the days 9 to 13 of October of 2018.

"The name of the festival is Screendance because it embraces all the dance interactions on the screen. In addition to the audio-visual video shows, the audience will be able to watch the interaction of other technologies with dance, such as games and innovative software", explains the event's founder, André Aguiar.

Overall Rating
  • Claudia Franco

    Really interesting festival. I couldn't be able to assist, but I was aware of all the activities, conferences and live transmitions they made on social media. GUIAR has an incredible proposal for dance film festivals! Thanks for making my work part of the selection.

    October 2018
  • Frederico Evaristo

    Um exemplo de festival! O Brasil necessita de mais festivais como este! Parabéns a todos!!!

    October 2018