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Growth with Hope

The Qingshui Wetland in Jinshan is the best-known farming wetland along our north coast. Since it’s situated at the northmost tip of Taiwan, it becomes the first stop of the birds migrating south. In Lianghu Village (Kuishan Lake and Daozhao Lake), terraced fields, big or small, can be seen everywhere. The founder of “248 Farmers’ Market”, Yang Ru-men, and one of the Jinshan residents, Yang Xin-ji, have got the idea to recultivate the land with eco-friendly farming to make it the best haven for migrant and transient birds.
In the first year, two people initiated the plan on a one-hectare land. In the second year, they had fifteen people on a thirteen-hectare land. Now, they have thirty-three people on a thirty-hectare land.
One grain and one dream. And the dream is currently being realized.

  • Wan-yu LIN
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    1 hour 19 minutes
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    December 31, 2020
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Director Biography - Wan-yu LIN

Jessica Wan-yu LIN, an independent filmmaker, was born in 1984. She is now engaged in making art documentaries and video design. She often cooperates with sound art performers, choreographers, and theatre workers, including Shu-yi and dancers, Very Mainstream Studio, and Kandala Records. What she particularly concerned is about the arts and culture for a minority, and the different values of living. TPE-Tics is her first feature documentary.

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Director Statement

I first met Ru-men when I introduced him to some of my friends working as wholesalers in fruit and vegetable markets. While I was making a documentary in Jinshan, I heard that he was farming there. Then, Forestry Bureau supported his plan of “National Ecology Green Network”, and I began to make a documentary about him. During the process, I found that he is quite different from other NGO leaders working for environmental protection. He does everything personally. He builds earth kilns and Bali style kiosks. He farms the land and raises chickens. And he is also an electrician and plumber. As for what he doesn’t know how to do, he tries to learn it and then show it to visitors. During the three years that I filmed in Jinshan, I got to know many friends who had helped Ru-men and meet many local farmers. I began to appreciate what he has been doing in Jinshan. And I believe that many more farmers are going to join him in his friendly farming to make Jinshan a better place.