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Middle-aged Chicago gang leader Adrian Hightower decides the time has come to retire and to then divide the city gang territories among his three sons. His eldest son, Curtis, and his middle son, Moses, agree with his decision and promise to support him for his remaining days.

The youngest son, Luther, disagrees with all of them, arguing that there is little likelihood the three brothers and their individual gangs will remain united. Insulted by his son's brashness, Adrian banishes Luther from the gang.

As Adrian begins his retirement, he quickly realizes that his two eldest sons are selfish and have no intention of keeping their promises. True to Luther’s warning, however, Curtis soon conspires with Moses to strip their father of everything, even his life.

It is also not too long after when the two brothers turn on each other in a quest for control of the city.

This greed and lust for power leads to an all-out Chicago gang war where only the banished Luther can save his father and the future of the gang in what becomes a mission for ultimate revenge among family members.

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    United States
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  • Chicago Screenplay Awards
    Chicago, IL
    March 16, 2021
Writer Biography

This screenplay 'Chaos' earned the Finalist Prize out of three-thousand feature script submissions in the 2021 Chicago Screenplay Awards.

First screenplay 'Sky Blue' received Grand Prize in the 2018 LGBTQ International Screenwriting Competition.

- Writer/Director, Second City Theater, Chicago, IL (2005-2015)

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