Grindhouse Spectacular is an outlet for short film artists who are wanting people to see their stuff. As a producer I will go through each submission and decide if I can use it for any of my number of outlets including distribution. If you have a project you want seen and want a huge amount of exposure please submit your project for review! There is a small $5.00 fee only because it takes time to watch your film, talk with possible outlets and then all the paperwork that goes along with it.


Submit Horror Grindhouse Animation One Minute Sci Fi
Shorts should be below 15 minutes.
Mediums are between 15 and 30 minutes.
Minis are 1 to 2 minutes.
Animation is animation only.

If your film is chosen it will be seen in one of many outlets as to be discussed by the film maker and I (Amanda Payton). This could mean dvd anthology distribution to being seen on various stations and outlets.

The prize is exposure and all the media that goes along with it. People seeing your work.

If your work is chosen you understand there is no monetary compensation from me.
What evere you work out with the outlet is between you and that outlet.
You could have contracts to sign that will allow me to place the film as I see fit.
You will agree to cooperate for press and interviews.
You may need cast members ect... to sign release forms.
You may need to adjust the films credits to meet criteria for a specific outlet.
On the very rare occasions the content must be changed you must be willing to do this.
(Normally to lighten a scene in post or replace a song if there are copyright issues)
Anything you submit to me is under a non-exclusive agreement.
These terms may change without notice.