Greenmotions inspires and encourages people to take active participation in the transition towards a regenerative culture in which humanity harmonises with the rest of the natural world.

For a lot of us there seems to be a gap between this vision and the reality of our daily lives. And that’s where your films come in.
We screen solution-oriented, constructive and empowering films dealing with the environment and beyond: consciousness | mindfulness | psychology | sociology | art.

Along with the inspiring feature and short films under the general theme "Beyond sustainability", we have a yearly prize for the special topic:

2022 TOPIC: Women's empowerment and agency in relation to climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem loss.


Around the world, patriarchal structures have long impeded women's access to environmental decision-making and legislation.
However, in recent decades, many international movements are demanding a voice in environmental policy-making while building inspiring and influential global networks. Women and young people are increasingly represented in leading climate activist initiatives and demand their right to influence climate policy and justice, gender and the future of our world.

The Greenmotions Filmfestival dedicates this year's special topic to all FLINTA* pioneers, key persons, committed and courageous people who stand up for environmental protection, climate justice and feminism.
Dear Filmmakers: We invite you to share your empowerment stories with us and tell them at the Greenmotions Edition 2022! Surprise us!

Selected inspiring documentaries/feature films (20-120 minutes) and the special topic “Women's empowerment and agency in relation to climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem loss” will be screened at the festival along with the best short films (up to 20 minutes) from our international short film competition. Furthermore, bicycle cinemas will be organised in schools where the students will provide power to run the projector for the films by paddling their bikes as well as a bicycle-powered opening techno party.


1) Jury award for short films 1500€
2) Audience award for feature films 1500€
3) Special topic award 2020 - “Women's empowerment and agency in relation to climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem loss” 1500€

Awards amount up to a total of 4500 €

Terms & Conditions:

No entry fee when submitting over our website:

Positive, solution-oriented films about sustainability, environment and beyond
Short films: up to 20 minutes, long feature movies: 20-120 minutes
Deadline for submission: June, 30th 2022
All genres related to the theme are accepted
Completed after 31st December 2019
Language: German or English, other languages must have English or German subtitles
Film submission can also be registered on our website

With your submission you comply with our Terms & Conditions.

Overall Rating
  • Deusdará Filmes

    It was a great opportunity for my film to be at the Greenmotions Film Festival. Great talk and debate with the audience and great hospitality! Thanks!!

    November 2022
  • Joanne Jackson

    Unfortunately we couldn't travel to the festival, but the organizers couldn't have been more communicative and helpful. We were pleased to participate in a skype Q&A after the screening. It's clearly a professional festival. Thanks Greenmotions!

    November 2019
  • Jamie Lochhead

    Great team to work with. Lovely atmosphere.

    November 2019
  • Atsuko Quirk

    Greenmotions is a great festival! The post-screening Q+A was packed full with thoughtful questions and fascinating conversations that continued in the lobby afterwards. The dedicated festival team walks the talk on sustainability and I was honored to be a part of their efforts to ignite action. An additional treat is the unique venue along with Freiburg, a beautiful city that breathes sustainability. I highly recommend this festival.

    November 2019
  • Garrett Graham

    It was an honor and a pleasure to participate in the Greenmotions Film Festival in 2018. They were always responsive and courteous and I felt very welcomed at the Q&A they hosted after screening my film. Everything you want from a good film festival experience. Highly recommended

    December 2018