We are a film festival aiming at inspiring and encouraging people to take active participation in the transition towards a world where people and nature are in harmony. To show that it is possible, we are screening solution-oriented, constructive and positive films related to sustainability and environment from all around the world.

Along with the inspiring feature and short movies under the general theme sustainability and environment, this year we have a prize for the the special topic “Green Growth or De-Growth?”.
Is greening the economy via technological advancements without disturbing the current cultural structures going to save mankind? Or do we need to have a deeper structural change by changing the direction of the economic growth?

Selected inspiring documentaries/feature movies (20-120 minutes) and the movies under the special edition “Green Growth or De-Growth?” will be shown at the festival along with the best short films (up to 20 minutes) at our international short film competition. Furthermore, bicycle cinema will be organized in schools where the students will provide power to run the projector for the films by paddling their bikes.

Ziel des Greenmotions Filmfestivals ist es unsere Zuschauer*innen zu inspirieren und zu ermutigen einen aktiven Beitrag, für eine Welt in Einklang von Mensch und Natur, zu leisten.
Um zu zeigen, was alles möglich ist, präsentieren wir lösungsorientierte, konstruktive und positive Filme, mit Bezug zu Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt rund um den Globus.

Neben den inspirierenden Spiel- & Kurzfilmen, über Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt, haben wir dieses Jahr einen Sonderpreis zum Thema “Green Growth or De-Growth?”.
Wird die ökologisierung der Wirtschaft durch technologische Fortschritte, ohne die gegenwärtigen kulturellen Strukturen zu stören, die Menschheit retten? Oder brauchen wir einen tieferen Strukturwandel, indem wir die Richtung des Wirtschaftswachstums ändern?

Ausgewählte Dokumentationen und Spielfilme (20-120 Minuten), sowie die Filme in der Kategorie “Green Growth or De-Growth?” werden neben den besten Kurzfilmen (bis zu 20 Minuten) auf unserem Festival Wochenende vorgeführt. Außerdem veranstalten wir wieder unser beliebtes Fahrradkino in Freiburger Schulen, bei denen die Schülerinnen und Schüler den Strom für den Projektor mit Hilfe von Fahrrädern selbst produzieren.

-Positive, solution-oriented films about sustainability and environment
-Short films: up to 20 minutes, long feature movies: 20-120 minutes
-Deadline June, 30th 2018
-All genres related to the theme are accepted
-Completed after 31st December 2016
-Prizes amounting up to 4000 € (Jury prize for short films, audience award and jury prize for feature movies, special prize for films about “Millennials in Motion”)
Positive, lösungsorientierte Filme zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit
Kurzfilme: bis 20 Minuten, Langfilme: 20 – 120 Minuten
Deadline: 30. Juni 2018
Alle Genres werden akzeptiert
Veröffentlichung nach dem 31. Dezember 2016
Preise: 4000 € insgesamt (Jurypreis für Kurzfilme, Publikumspreis und Jurypreis für Langfilme, Sonderpreis für das Thema “Millenials in Motion”)

-Positive, solution-oriented films about sustainability and environment
-Short films: up to 20 minutes, long feature movies: 20-120 minutes
-Deadline June, 30th 2019
-All genres related to the theme are accepted
-Completed after 31st December 2017
- Language: German or English, other languages must have English or German subtitles
- Films can also be registered on our website www.greenmotions-filmfestival.de.

With your submission you comply with the festival regulations: http://greenmotions-filmfestival.de/en/terms-and-conditions-2018-pdf/
- Positive, lösungsorientierte Filme zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit
-Kurzfilme: bis 20 Minuten, Langfilme: 20 – 120 Minuten
-Deadline: 30. Juni 2019
-Alle Genres werden akzeptiert
-Veröffentlichung nach dem 31. Dezember 2017
- Sprache: Deutsch oder Englisch, alle anderen Sprachen müssen deutsch oder englische untertitelt sein.
- Filme können auch über ein Formular auf unserer Webseite www.greenmotions-filmfestival.de angemeldet werden.

Mit der Einreichung erklärt ihr euch mit unseren Festivalregularien einverstanden: http://greenmotions-filmfestival.de/de/teilnahmebedingungen2018_je-pdf/

Overall Rating
  • Joanne Jackson

    Unfortunately we couldn't travel to the festival, but the organizers couldn't have been more communicative and helpful. We were pleased to participate in a skype Q&A after the screening. It's clearly a professional festival. Thanks Greenmotions!

    November 2019
  • Jamie Lochhead

    Great team to work with. Lovely atmosphere.

    November 2019
  • Atsuko Quirk

    Greenmotions is a great festival! The post-screening Q+A was packed full with thoughtful questions and fascinating conversations that continued in the lobby afterwards. The dedicated festival team walks the talk on sustainability and I was honored to be a part of their efforts to ignite action. An additional treat is the unique venue along with Freiburg, a beautiful city that breathes sustainability. I highly recommend this festival.

    November 2019
  • Garrett Graham

    It was an honor and a pleasure to participate in the Greenmotions Film Festival in 2018. They were always responsive and courteous and I felt very welcomed at the Q&A they hosted after screening my film. Everything you want from a good film festival experience. Highly recommended

    December 2018
  • Lindsey Goodwin-Grayzel

    I wish that I had been able to attend in person, but my experience working with the festival staff was top notch from far away. I was able to skype in for a Q&A, where the audience asked great questions. The staff was professional and I appreciated that they connected with me via Skype the day before to make sure there were no technical snafus. More importantly, this festival (and audience) appreciate authenticity in the films they show, which were curated to provide inspiration for the audience to take action. Highly recommend!

    December 2018