Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet. Its environmental impacts include all natural resources - waterways, forests, soil, oceans, landfill. The industry is a mass employer and touches many lives throughout its long and complex value chain. However, knowledge about issues in the masses is lacking. There is a growing need to connect these issues with the young and old. And films can be an effective way of generating awareness.

GreenStitched Film Festival (GFF) debuted in 2017, as a day long screening of documentaries on sustainable fashion. GFF screened 9 documentaries exploring diverse topics such as cotton, agriculture, fast fashion, slow fashion, innovation in fashion, waste and recycling. The event saw a footfall of 110 people and was a go to destination to explore the topic of sustainable fashion.

GreenStitched Film Festival 2018 will be a bigger event where attendees will come and experience sustainable fashion - not just through films, but also through pop-up bazaars, workshops and seminars from industry experts.