Louisiana high school students: grab your cell phones, video cameras, and microphones—your voice and creativity can change the planet. This environmental short film contest is a platform to showcase your ideas, commentary, and vision for our city and the world.

LSU College of the Coast and Environment and UCLA's Institute of the Environment and Sustainability presents GreenShorts: an environmental film competition. GreenShorts was started in Los Angeles and is branching out to Louisiana.

You may submit one short film for each category and films. We encourage featuring the Louisiana Area.

For more info visit www.ioes.ucla.edu/greensparks

• The best film in each category will receive $750.
• The second place in each category will receive $500.
• The third place in each category will receive $250.

• Participants must be enrolled in a Louisiana High School and under 19 years old
• Participants can submit a film as an individual or group. If entered as a group, the prize will be split amongst the group members. A group lead will be responsible for receiving the full amount and splitting the award with team members.

Official Rules
• Films should be 2-3 minutes
• Individuals/groups can submit one film per category.
• Films should be appropriate for all audiences.
• Films must be submitted on March 27, 2020, via the FilmFreeway submission site
• Finalists are required to attend the award ceremony on May 2020. (TBA)
• Through your submission, UCLA IoES will be given the right to use your film for promotional, but not commercial, purposes

Judging Criteria
• Films will be judged by content of the film, its ability to educate, inspire, and raise awareness of the film’s chosen topic.

Intellectual Property
• By entering the contest, the entrants agree to submit their own original work, does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others, and is In compliance with all copyright laws. When using work that is not your own, the entrants agree that those works are part of the public domain, that they have obtained permission to use the work, or that the use of the work does not constitute a substantial portion of the film so as to so as to comply with fair use laws of USC Title 17 Section 107 found at http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html. Where an entrant has obtained permission to use a substantial portion of another’s intellectual property, entrant agrees to submit proof of permission with the film entry. As to research, please give credit to the owners and authors of scientific, academic, political, etc. works, such as through the credits of the film or when the source is used in the film.
• Entrants agree to not hold UCLA or GreenShorts liable for any intellectual property disputes and to comply with these rules and all copyright laws.