"Great Cinema Now" International Script and Film Festivals proudly accepts Scripts and Films entries on FilmFreeway, the world's #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests.
Unlike other festivals, if your initial submission doesn't meet the qualifications, you can revise and resubmit for further review (if we receive the corrections before the applicable deadlines).
The Great Cinema Now Script and Film Festival is a showcase for discerning audiences of great movies with wide appeal, selected for great story, great cinematography, great acting, great soundtracks, etc. Your winning movies and scripts will be used as examples to inspire future filmmakers as they learn and apply their craft.
This is the Second Year for the Great Cinema Now Film Festival. Great Cinema Now had great success in 2019 and this year we are taking it to a newer and higher level. This year we are including a feature-length screenwriting competition for great movies in progress and continuing the feature film competition.. For both scripts and films, you will need to provide metadata for your submissions, such as loglines for your script, and a script for your film. Having your film or script reviewed will be free as long as you help review other submissions.
Once your script meets the review criteria, it will be a winner of the screenwriting portion of the contest. Winning scripts are eligible to be introduced to our affiliates for production, funding and distribution. Your completed films that meet our criteria are also eligible to move to the next level for possible funding or distribution.
Our objective is to find the best completed movies, and to help them get distributed widely. We also are working hard to find the best movies in progress, so we can do everything possible to help them be produced and widely distributed.
Due to the covid-19 virus we are moving the event to a larger venue where we can still join together, but still practice safe social distancing. The live festival will be held at the Summerhill Event Center in Saratoga Springs, Utah.
We also have a strong connection to the Orem, Utah Public Library where we held our first festival in July 2019 in the Library's Media Center auditorium. Great Cinema Now also taught a film making workshop for teens in September in the Library's Makerspace.
Submit your movies and scripts to show us what you've got. Let us help you become more well known. See our beautiful website (https://www.greatcinemanow.com) for more information and resources that can help you improve your craft. If you are an expert, we would love to have you contribute to our site.

Winning films for this festival receive extensive coverage and exposure. We will work with the library to help advertise the events. We'll have great attendance, but thousands more will see information about your films in the library flyers and online calendar. We will also use a number of other marketing and advertising options as we prepare for this event.
We plan on providing a streaming option our guests can watch (with the permission of the winning filmmakers). Our plan is to also showcase and have artistic readings of the winning scripts (based on interest of the audience and permission of the filmmakers) as part of our offering.

Join us this year, and grow with us next year as we hope to move back to the Library's new 500 seat Library Hall Auditorium (currently under construction).

We do not judge for financial awards or prizes, only laurels and a spotlight.

Winning scripts and films will receive laurels and a spotlight on our Great Cinema Now website. You can also write a blog article to tell potential viewers the story of your movie in progress, why it needs to be made, what kind of investors you think it will appeal to, and the films to which it compares. We will post key blog articles on our website's contributors/blog page, or link from our site to your previously posted blog articles. You can also include links in the articles that point to your behind-the-scenes, or "making of" videos, so our viewers can get to know you and your work.

Our viewers will also vote to help us decide which of the winning (screened) films should be added to the public library's permanent collections.

Each script and film submitted must be appropriate for ages 13 and up.

For the Screenwriting Contest (Script Only)
Submit only feature length scripts that are at least 75 pages long. The scripts must be in English (PDF format).

Important: For the review process you need to be prepared to provide metadata in English for your script, such as loglines for your plot and subplots.
For Film
If you submit a feature film, you must also be prepared to provide metadata that can be used during the review process, such as the script for your film. The film can be in any language, but the script must be in English (in PDF format) and must match the film. Your film must also have English subtitles if the dialog is in another language.
You may submit more than one script or film (film and script combination) .
You will be asked to assist in reviewing other submissions which ensures your submission will be reviewed for free.

No compensation will be given for movies submitted or included in the Great Cinema Now screenings.
Submission is not a guarantee of acceptance. If you submit a Feature film, it will be rejected if you are not prepared and willing to provide a matching script (in English) for that film.

However, if rejected, you are welcome to resubmit later with a script to request another review.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival for new filmmaker, thanks for selected my movie I AM NOT BLIND.

    July 2019
  • ganesan irulandi

    Excellent festival Great Cinema Now!! Proud that the Great Cinema Now film festivals gave me a award for my movie KAYIRU. I am greatfull to them for that, I will definitely participate next time. It has been a great experience.

    July 2019