My Baby (Grantedboy song)

Grantedboy, boy Marvel

I want to co-cor baby give me time, i want to know you, if you wine am, i want to touch your body no be me baby give me give me ur love, everyday every night I know dey enjoy you, if you talk am let me be let me do baby baby I love you die.
I want dey co-cor baby give me time, everyday I rocked your body no be chals, if you want am let me get you even though I work i work for you yes, let me get ur mine i want to fuck get me high yes talk to me let me get you higher take me there lemme be.

Baby talk for me now, take it halleluyah
lemme get joy baby give ah love it
I want to shake your body, i want, cumin
Baby you want to love now let me get your banded everyday I moved ah move forward give me waiting dey sup now lemme know your face everyday I moved ah know dey move for grace let me reason you now lemme see you let me tell you everything I talked no reason am lemme get you there, you get me high you take me there baby waiting sup baby give me call give lemme know lemme know you now

Everyday ah work for you na badeser
Give me that your love let me be with you now
Every time I moved say baby na you dey
You don dey tie face for me i dey confused

Everyday I come, everyday I moved, i want to see you don't want to know
Everyday I moved i move for grace, let me see you there, let me be with you, I want to talk, you don't want to talk, let me listen, you don dey cry, every day I move I move for you, you don't want to know, let me go

You wan dey cry cry, baby lemme talk yeah, (daddy)
Every time I come baby talk for me (mommy)ehh
Give me one the love let me see you that way baby talk to me (honey)
Give me let me fuck give me chuchuk baby toping de thinking

Everyday ah work for you my baby now
Give me that your love let me reason your matter.
Tell me, baby, call me, honey, give da way da way loving eeh, baby, (daddy) baby, baby tell me here give me love way
I want to get your mind if you wine am if you give me, baby give me
I want to get you higher, take me, take me yes oo


  • Grantedboy
  • Grantedboy
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    3 minutes 2 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 12, 2023
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Artist Biography

Marvel Samuel (born on 08 sept 2005) popularly know as Grantedboy is a highly talented Musician
he started his music on Audiomack, SoundCloud and Spotify.

Marvel Samuel born on the 08th of Sept, 2005, is a highly talented fast rising musician. He rose to fame after publishing several of his songs on Audiomack and has attracted the attention to the general public.

Grantedboy was Born into the family of late Mr Samuel Bonat and Mrs Roseline Samuel, grantedboy is the third child of his parents. His brothers name are; Innocent Samuel, Godfrey Samuel, Joseph Samuel. He was given birth in Lagos State, Nigeria, but currently resides in his home town, Zango kataf, in Kaduna State.

He was born on the 8th of September, 2005, making him 18years in 2023.

Grantedboy attended Tafawa Belewa Memorial College, in Kaduna State

Grantedboy as he is popularly known, discovered his talent at a young age. He realised that he has a good voice and he can compost a song.
He's born with the talent of singing.
He began working on himself as a singer after chosing to be a musician as a profession.

According to him, Rema and joeboy are a source of inspiration to his music career. He looks up to them.

His hobbies are music and comedy

His favorite food is Rice

His favorite color is green



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