Grandeur Delusions

Stella and Lucas' relationship reaches a breaking point. Stella, who had once idealized Lucas, realizes that he is not the same person she fell in love with. In a night of extreme behavior, Lucas crosses a line, leaving Stella emotionally shattered and traumatized. Despite the mistreatment, Stella clings to the belief that Lucas can change and be good for her. Now, faced with a crucial decision, Stella must choose between staying with Lucas through thick and thin or prioritizing her own well-being.

  • Alyssa Rose Capitini
  • Alyssa Rose Capitini
  • Alyssa Rose Capitini
  • Eva Lin Feindt
    Key Cast
  • Michael James Mina
    Key Cast
    The Boy Under the Magnolia Tree, The Breaking of the Runt
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Genres:
    Drama, Romance
  • Runtime:
    32 minutes 20 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 22, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    1,500 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - University of Valley Forge
Director Biography - Alyssa Rose Capitini

Alyssa Rose Capitini is a dedicated and passionate filmmaker who from an early age, discovered her love for filmmaking as a means of self-expression and capturing the essence of the world. Her primary goal is to amplify the voices of others by sharing their stories through film. One of Alyssa's central objectives as a filmmaker is to create emotionally impactful and cathartic experiences for her audiences. Through her storytelling, she seeks to evoke genuine emotions and provoke introspection. Alyssa believes in the transformative power of cinema and its ability to provide catharsis, allowing viewers to engage with complex emotions and find solace in shared experiences. Alyssa's journey as a filmmaker has been marked by an unwavering commitment to authenticity and emotional depth. Alyssa's films often serve as character studies, delving deep into the complexities of the human condition. She is particularly fascinated by exploring the intricacies of mental health and its impact on individuals and communities. By shining a light on these often stigmatized topics, Alyssa aims to foster empathy and understanding, encouraging open conversations and destigmatization. Alyssa's unique visual style and attention to detail further enhance the emotional resonance of her work. She skillfully employs various cinematic techniques, such as evocative cinematography, atmospheric sound design, and powerful performances, to create a compelling and immersive viewing experience. Each frame and every storytelling choice is carefully crafted to elicit an emotional response and deepen the connection between the audience and the characters on screen.
Driven by her passion for storytelling and her commitment to exploring the human experience, Alyssa Rose Capitini continues to push the boundaries of her craft. She embraces collaboration and actively seeks out diverse voices to contribute to her projects, ensuring an authentic representation of the stories she tells. Through her films, she aspires to create meaningful cinematic experiences that resonate deeply with audiences, fostering empathy, understanding, and an appreciation for the beauty and complexities of the human spirit.

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Director Statement

The inspiration behind "Grandeur Delusions" stemmed from my desire to shed light on the often unspoken reality of toxic relationships. I wanted to capture the heartbreaking truth that sometimes love can blind us to the toxicity within a partnership. The central characters, Lucas and Stella, embody the conflicting emotions and struggles that many individuals face in such relationships. Lucas, once the embodiment of love and compassion, begins to spiral down a path of substance abuse and anger. Through his character, we witness the destructive nature of these vices and the toll they take not only on him but also on Stella, who clings to the illusion of the person she once fell in love with. The film aims to expose the false hope and the desperate clinging to a romanticized version of the past. "Grandeur Delusions" challenges the audience to confront the difficult decision of leaving someone they love when the relationship becomes detrimental. Stella's internal conflict is a universal one – the painful struggle to let go of a person who was once an integral part of her life. By portraying her journey with honesty and vulnerability, we aim to create a relatable and thought-provoking narrative. "Grandeur Delusions" is an exploration of the complexities of human emotions and the blurred lines between love and toxicity. It serves as a reminder that love alone cannot fix or sustain a relationship. It is my hope that this film will encourage open conversations about toxic relationships, provide solace to those who have experienced similar struggles, and ultimately inspire individuals to prioritize their own well-being when faced with the painful decision to let go.