Grand Theft: Los Angeles

A beautiful woman with a penchant for elaborate disguises (a la Jennifer Garner in Alias), stumbles upon a couple of down on their luck bank robbers whom she helps as their get away attempt from a bank robbery goes south. After getting to know the reasons why the men rob banks, she leads them to pull off 3 elaborate capers to rob 3 other banks in L.A as they try to stay a step ahead of the FBI and LAPD.

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Writer Biography

I'm an African writer based in greater L.A county. I've been a passionate story teller most of my life, and been seriously writing since graduating USC film school. My passion is telling stories that show both the complexity and simplicity of the human spirit.

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Writer Statement

Grand Theft: LA is a female led heist caper film designed for adrenaline junkies who crave more than just smash and grab heist films, where subterfuge and misdirection are just as key to the caper as use of force. The story can be adapted to be sequeled in any other major city ex. Grand Theft: N.Y/London/Tokyo.