Graham and the Cape Canaveral Novel Capers

Graham escapes to Cape Canaveral to get away from his demanding job. Instead he finds a used bookstore and a lot of mysteries.

  • Jillian Buchanan
    Decomposing (2021) Butterflies (2018) Steve (2016)
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    Television Script, Treatment
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Writer Biography - Jillian Buchanan

Jillian Buchanan is a Vancouver based writer, director, and producer. Since graduating from the BCIT Television and Broadcasting Communications program in 2014, she has worked in various roles, including sound recordist, VFX assistant, truck customer and script supervisor. She has created three short films: Decomposing (2022) which premiered at Canadian Film Fest, Bahamas International Film Festival, Butterflies (2018), and Steve (2015) premiered at Regina International Film Fest Awards. She has worked as an associate producer for Toronto based filmmaker Coral Aiken, at Aiken Heart films.

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Writer Statement

This was really fun and easy to write. The show bible includes a lot more time travel, but it's a slow burn that leads up to it. And technically, it's not time travel, it's more like time traversing digitalization of messages. Time voicemail, if you will. It's wacky, and silly, and ridiculous, and as it turns out, I'm only really interested in wacky, silly and ridiculous. --- Sally Field is in no way attached to the project.