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Daniel, had been fired for several months, Samuel, the father worked in a factory where he had not been paid for a long time. One morning when Daniel and Samuel were invited to have breakfast by Richard, Daniel's brother, Samuel's eldest son, they were busy and cynical with each other, Richard advised the two, telling Daniel to look for work other than photography because Daniel wanted to return to being a photographer according to his passion, Richard also asked Samuel to leaving his old job did not pay him because the factory is almost bankrupt, but Samuel said he loved his workplace and even almost got into a fight with Daniel, a patient Richard trying to calm down the atmosphere. Samuel went and brought vodka to drink.

When fixing his camera, Daniel is approached by Richard and he mentions a politician who got Daniel fired, Daniel then feels that Richard feels burdened because with Daniel being fired and Samuel who work without salary he has to live with many dependents and Richard mentions who suffers the most among the three of them . Then Richard talked with Samuel, he stated that the camera and Daniel were like Samuel without vodka, Samuel then left his two children then sobbed and cry loud, Richard wails while Daniel was stunned for a moment then returned to fix the camera. A few days later the head of personnel, Luke, fired Samuel, saying he didn't want the man who had been considered a father, who had put him in work for nothing without pay, Samuel left by refusing compensation, claiming that they were ignorant people and ungrateful, but the next day Samuel tried to commit suicide by hitting his head against the wall very hard, while being treated at the hospital when Daniel looked after Samuel while Richard was discussing the drug problem Luke came, feeling Luke stepped on his pride because he intended to pay for the hospital fees Daniel beat Luke , Luke hit back, resulting in a fight, a nurse caught and then reported it and by chance Richard also heard this, he immediately tried to go to break up Daniel and Luke. As a result, Lisa, adopted sister who has a mental disorder, has acute anxiety, until she faints, while Daniel yells at Richard to bring his camera which he left behind. When visiting Daniel in the police, Richard mentions Luke as a good person who didn't even offend Daniel at the time. looked, then Daniel asked how Richard paid for the hospital,Richard quipped to Daniel that it was Daniel who wasted the opportunity. At night Richard dresses up as a woman and approaches a man, the man asks what money has satisfied him and Richard is honest about hospital fees, Richard makes love to the man, the next day Samuel is allowed to go home from the hospital.

Some time later Lisa, who was being treated in a mental hospital, relapsed for some reason and refused to take medication, the treating doctor, Dr. Jennifer, contacted Richard, and because Richard was busy distributing flyers he asked Daniel to replace him and persuaded Lisa to take medication, but Daniel was the one who was sorting photos and was fascinated by a girl he saw photographed fighting with a bus driver until his camera was destroyed and being treated at a special hospital for criminals, Samuel who had recovered picked him up, while talking in the hospital corridor Samuel mentioned the compensation money that his two children had received and he stated that he was not a fool and there was no need to hide it from himself, when Daniel asked why Richard wanted to work day and night Samuel stated that Richard was the one in charge, when Daniel asked Back then whether he and Samuel were the ones responsible Samuel was not answered and just drank vodka.

Then Daniel saw the girl in the photo when he bought a new camera with Samuel, Daniel immediately chased but the girl's car was too far away, Daniel then asked a few things about the girl and bribed a few dollars at the clothing store clerk who had just been visited by the girl, it is known that the girl's name is Natasha and she works in a pharmacy office, the next day Daniel comes to Natasha's place of work and finds his idol girl doing an engagement photo shoot with her boyfriend Johnston, but Thom, Natasha's father, looks cynical about the engagement. Daniel can only take pictures of them from afar.

Elsewhere Willy whose real name is Arthur comes to Aguero who turns out to be Richard's boss in the nightlife, he asks Aguero to help him make the Irwin family regret for life for messing with him, but Aguero states that Richard is his best subordinate, Willy finally finds a scheme. and agreed by Aguero. A few days later Richard was visited by a little girl who claimed to be named Luciferel where her and the little girl's father faces were very similar, a few hours later Daniel, who had just returned from printing Natasha's photo into a poster, caught Luciferel playing with Neil, when he asked Richard he got the answer he thought it was ridiculous and immediately threatened Luciferel to tell who ordered him, Richard continued to defend Luciferel, as a result Daniel and Richard had a fight and in the end Daniel, who was emotional, said he didn't want to know if something had happened. The next day Richard asked Daniel to share a room with Neil because Luciferel would sleep with Sara, Daniel wasted and didn't care.

Elsewhere, Natasha is told by her friend that a young man named Daniel is looking for her and Natasha doesn't know her. At the same time Daniel was accepted back to work at his old place because of his talent and ability, but Geraldine, the boss seemed to laugh at Daniel who turned out to have to cover Natasha's wedding, Geraldine stated from Daniel's face it seemed that Natasha was a very precious girl for Daniel. A few days later Daniel photographed from afar Natasha and Johnston's private pre-wedding event. At another location, Lisa met Carel, a girl who worked at a printing shop, Carel asked to get to know Lisa better when she found out that the poster that would be made was a photo of Daniel. That night Richard was beaten by Aguero's bouncer because Aguero claimed that Richard took more than the percentage he should have. Richard was rushed to the hospital, Sara was so disappointed that she didn't want to meet Richard face to face, Samuel was very angry and Daniel was being sarcastic, Samuel said he was very angry because with what Richard had done all this time he automatically humiliated Ronnie, Luke's son who really gay, he asked Richard to apologize to Ronnie and Luke. Richard states that he must come to Neil's annual event when he mentions Luciferel and Neil, because Neil has promised to give a special performance to Richard and Sara. Samuel intends to replace to come to accompany Neil but Richard refused because Neil specifically dedicated performances for his parents. A few days later Richard confessed to Daniel that he had been injected with an HIV injection and was tested positive for HIV, Daniel was devastated and cursed Aguero. While performing for Neil's parents, Neil continues to be ridiculed and laughed at because of what happened to Richard, Richard can only be touched by the performance of his young son. Neil continued to sing despite the noise of laughter and whispers.

Daniel also started his early days back as a journalist photographer, Samuel was happy Daniel returned to work, When the wedding ceremony was a furor because Thom committed suicide and Johnston said he wanted to follow Thom, whom he loved so much, Thom and Johnston's secret was revealed, Daniel told Samuel and Richard everything and Daniel said words that made Samuel relieved that all this time he had blamed Samuel for the death of Daniel and Richard's mother, Daniel also stated that he would not go after Natasha because the girl was in shock and Daniel knew how it felt to lose a loved one, Daniel meant, he didn't want to live above the suffering of others. When everyone was relieved and intending to buy food at KFC, Daniel saw a sly smile from Luciferel, Daniel quietly followed Samuel, and a few moments later after leaving KFC Luciferel's mother appeared, unexpectedly Luciferel shouted at Richard as a kidnapper, the crowd came and Samuel and Richard came out of their hiding place to explain the truth, but the three of them became the target of the mob, when the crowd found out the young woman and Luciferel had disappeared, they realized that they had been tricked, Daniel had seen Willy and Aguero laughing in the car. While in the hospital, Samuel was still strong when he learned that Richard would be paralyzed for life but became hysterical when Daniel was told about Richard's HIV as a result of the injection of Aguero's men.

Daniel and Samuel decided to go to Sara who now decided to stay at Margareth's house, Margareth is Sara's mother, when she found out that Richard was paralyzed Margareth ran hysterically and told Sara but Sara stated that it was Richard's own fault because he had worked by sleeping with men, Margareth then stated that Richard is like that because in order to support her family, Sara continues to insist, then after hearing a statement from Margaret about what Richard believes in in life, namely "blessing", Sara wakes up and runs after Samuel's car, but Sara is hit by a truck, Samuel and Daniel are shocked, Richard is the one who come and sit in the back seat can only cry.

One year later Daniel and Samuel quarreled because Samuel intended to use the money for Richard's nurse's salary to buy vodka, Daniel stated that Samuel had no right to use the money even though it was the result of his hard work, Samuel replied that he had a problem, Daniel then dismissed with their loss at The trial by Willy and Aguero means Also their problem is together, Daniel who had punched Samuel almost punched him again but before that happened Richard said a word that is "Grace" Samuel and Richard were reminded of Richard's concept of life and their quarrel ended, then they took the initiative to buy food for Richard and Richard's nurse at KFC. When at KFC Lisa called Daniel, she stated to Daniel that she and Carel wanted to meet, Daniel asked Samuel's permission, Samuel allowed and stated that who knows Carel is Daniel's mate, Daniel left. On the street Daniel suddenly saw a photo shop where a photo of young Samuel, and Richard and Daniel when their still kid, it looked like they had just had an accident, after Daniel looked at young Samuel in the photo for a few seconds Daniel finally knew that Samuel was the one who suffered the most among the three of them. Daniel shed a tear then stepped in, life goes on.

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