2020 - Tom Bessoir
A moment of whiteness just before... - Johanne Chagnon
Advice - Pat Battistini
Age:Sex:Location - CJ Barnes
Allured III - C.J. Stussi, Armand Kachigian
Andrew Ginger/Likes Dogs - Amber Rose McNeill
Ashes to Ashes - Martin del Carpio
Bad Girls - Christopher Bickel
Bad Trip - Anthony Ford
Bag Your Face - Keith Eyrich
Bass Rally - Bartsik
Bird Feeder - Bryce E. Logan, Elbert Smith
Chesty & Opal - Jack Truman
Composition Books: The World of Luca Mata - King Koala
D.F.W. - Deirdre Patterson
Disembodied - Jake Alejo
Embracism - Carey Burtt
Escape Velocity - Samuel Davenport
Everything is A-OK - Justin Powers
Evil Rock - Fabio Penna
Filicide - Ryan Kerr
Geri and Rick - Vincent and Alena Turturro
Gridlocked: On Tour with The Briggs - Kevin James Barry
Hammerlock: Road to Freedom - Philip Safarik, Travis & Liza Kenney
Hardcore Halbert - Riley Lynch
Heartbreak - Jessica Gillette, Vincenzo Carubia
Her Release - Valentine Miele
Hey Poopy Podcast Cartoons - Matt Holtzclaw
In Plane English - Brian Plonka
Judgement House - Alan R. Baxter
Kiss My Black Ass - David Rosenthal
Lords and Liars: Killdozer - Tony Murnahan
Martyrs of the Cult of the Dead - Hart Laurent
Mathius Marvellous Shop - Paola Álvarez, Manuel Escorihuela
Mistry Cavern - Todd Bronson
Night of the Ghoul - Nolan Schmidt
Nine White Moons - Seth Gabrielsson
Ninja Badass - Ryan Harrison
Offering - J.I. Garcia
Over Seven Bridges - Ulrike Korbach
Perfect Illusion - Piotr Kuszyński
Return to the Beach - Nolan Schmidt
Review - Jonathan Zarantonello
Schwartzy - Aleks Vujosevic
Shade Guzzling - Ulrike Korbach
Sleazy Pete - Frank Appache
Sleepwalkers - Ferenc Csipke
Stiletto - Maclaine Lowery, June Shaukat
Swamp Critter - Mark Flake
Take No Risk - Jacob Maximillian Baron, Dan Wakeen
The Frightened President - Zé Kielwagen, Marcos Serafim
The Funhole - Jake Alejo
The Impalers - JP Langlois
Thunderdome - Damien B. Davis
Timber Tantrum - David Sharp, Lee Webster
To Whoever Wants to Listen - Jérôme Florenville
Trash Mermaid - Leilani Fisher
Two Minutes on High - Amber Rose McNeill
Tx-reverse - Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich
Unholy Roller - Laurent Mercier, Cédric Bernard
Validation - Monty Wolfe
We're All Zombies - Chris Farina
Whatever Happened To Calistra Zipper? - Craig Calman

Due to COVID concerns and potential theater restrictions, we won't be having screenings this year.

An itsy bitsy film and music happening in the spooky backwoods of the Pacific Northwest. Twin Peaks ain't got nothin' on Gorst! This is the real shizzle.

We seek exploitation films of all genres (Horror, Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, LGBTQ, Experimental, Erotic, Documentary, etc.)

We do both shorts and features.

Weirdness encouraged.

We also have categories for Music Videos, Screenplays, Photography, plus our newest category: Phone Rant.

Our film screenings also feature live bands of a punk & avant garde nature.

Show us what you got.

We want to like you. We really really want to like you.

[] Official Selection laurels.

1. This can be new or older work.
2. Can be shot on any format.
3. Must have a captivating subject matter.
4. Can be any length up to 120 minutes.
5. You must provide an online screener.
6. If chosen for our screening, you must provide a digital copy of your film and promotional materials.

Overall Rating
  • Very pleased to be chosen for this festival! Its awesome to see the underground experimental scene getting promoted by such a unique festival, not to mention those running it were clear and concise with their emails.

    September 2021
  • Cool experience, feeling very grateful, thank you!

    September 2021
  • martin del carpio

    Kick A** festival to be a part of!

    September 2021
  • Very efficient and great communication, would recommend! Thanks

    September 2021
  • :) thank you for making this happen and show one of our films

    January 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Lily.

    We look forward to your next projects!