Congratulations to our Official Selections for 2020!

American Pie (UK) - dir. Ludovic Noble
Corpus Chaosum (US) - dir. Carey Burtt
I ? (UK) - dir. Pengcheng Li
I Am He Who Created Himself (US) - dir. Emma Penaz Eisner
Mondo Hollywoodland (US) - dir. Janek Ambros
Normal Porn for Normal People (US) - dir. Amber Rose McNeil
Something Round (US) - dir. Nikhail Asnani
Steuben County (US) - dir. Sean Mannion
Wave Form (CANADA) - dir. Tiz (Daniel Tysdal)

Donbass Children, The (BULGARIA) - dir. Lubomir Dankov
L'Eau Est La Vie (US) - dir. Sam Vinal
Reuven Does the Neighborhood One Last Time (US) - Richard Daniels

Barber, The (UKRAINE) - dir. Sergiy Pudich
Bitch, Popcorn & Blood (FRANCE) - dir. Fabio Soares
Circle of Stone (US) - dir. Mark Andrews
Closure (US) - dir. Alex Cassun
Express (US) - dir. Nimi Lkhagva
Gumdrop: a short horror (US) - dir. JZ Murdock
Playback (US) - dir. Nikhail Asnani
Reaper Island Part II (US) - dir. Nolan Schmidt
Taquitos (US) - dir. John Silecchia
Washed (US) - dir. Michael Bartolomeo

Adira's Dream (UK) - dir. Oliver Williams
Anodyne (US) - dir. Puspa Lohmeyer
Circle of Stone (US) - dir. Mark Andrews
Great Buddha Arrival, The (JAPAN) - dir. Hiroto Yokokawa
Neris (US) - dir. Noah Weisel
That Very Special Night (US) - dir. Mark C. Pollock

Circle of Stone (US) - dir. Mark Andrews
Coincide (US) - dir. George Spatta
In Action (US) - dirs. Sean Kenealy & Eric Silvera
No Second Chances (US) - dirs. Gabriel Rodak & J.T. Madicus

$300 (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) - dir. Mike McDougal
Bone Barrel (US) - dir. David Dawson
Deadcember (US) - dir. Travis Darkow
Delusion Blues: 2019 Re-Edit (US) - dir. Scott Garriott
Disposal of Dead Ned, The (US) - dir. David Wilson
Downsizing of the Gods (US) - dir. Anna-Maria Vag (UK)- dir. George Carson
Life's A Bitch And Then One Kills You (US) - dir. Alan Wood
Lost Treasure of the Valley (US) - dir. Robert Husted
Reanimated (UK) - dir. Tom Byrne
Serve And Protect (US) - dir. Stephanie Santos

pornlife 2.0 (GERMANY) - dirs. lily lu & dirty dreaz

Nice Shoes (US) - dir. Jonathan Lawrence
Ruby's Song (US) - dir. Walter Santucci

American Licorice (US) - dir. William Stancik
Bunny Boy (US) - dir. Travis Darkow
Illustrated Woman, The (US) - dirs. Brandon Lawrence & Peter Grey
Tabitha, Witch of the Order (US) - dir. James Dailey

Clay (ITALY) - Luca Di Bartolo
Lupa: The Blessed Sacrilege (ITALY) - Nora Geist & Clare Cross
Shape, The (US) - Tyler Darkow

Allured I (US) - C.J. Stussi
Cosmosis of Worlds (US) - Richard Trask
People vs Frankenstein, The (US) - Kevin Glover & Nicola Cuti
You Didn't Come To See My Band (US) - David Ballard

We received MANY amazing submissions this year.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we won't be doing live screenings this year. We really wished we could have screened these amazing films to the public. So we appreciate the patience of filmmakers during these challenging times.

A big thank you to everyone who entered.


An itty bitty film fest in the spooky backwoods of the Pacific Northwest. Twin Peaks ain't got nothin' on Gorst! This is the real shizzle.

We seek indie film of all genres, both narrative (e.g. movies, web series, etc.) and non-fiction (e.g. documentaries, reality shows, etc.)

We do both shorts and features.

[] Best of awards in each category.
[] Official Selection laurels.

1. This can be new or older work.
2. Can be shot on any format.
3. Must have a captivating subject matter.
4. Can be any length up to 120 minutes.
5. You must provide an online screener.
6. If chosen for our screening, you must provide a digital copy of your film and promotional materials.

Overall Rating
  • Even though the screening was cancelled due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it was an honor having my film get selected at this festival.

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Nolan. We love your creative spark, and hope to be able to screen your work in the future when the quarantine is over.

  • Amber Rose McNeill

    I’m proud to have been selected for this festival two years in a row. Last year’s festival was a wonderful little festival. The hospitality was unmatched and there was a great collection of artists present. It’s a pity COVID took out this year’s festival, but I appreciate the responsibility of the organisers to not put anyone at risk.

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Amber. We loved having you at our festival last year. You have a unique and refreshing voice as an artist, and we hope to screen more of your work in the future.

  • Although we unfortunately couldn't attend, everything about this little fest seems to be awesome. Their communication was terrific, the venue very cool in the pics, and I would definitely submit future work here. We were very honoured to have both our short film and screenplay accepted and won Best Screenplay as well. Highly recommended.

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, CJ. We really enjoyed your film. And we had such a good time doing a staged reading of your screenplay (our award winner!) We'll let you know as soon as we post the video of the reading. : )

  • Jack Truman

    Gorst rocks!!! I love this festival. We were so proud to have our short film version of THE OLD STRIPPER screen at Gorst Underground. Then to win top film honors of Documentary Short Film was icing on the cake! Kelly, the founder is so cool and helpful. A great bunch of people!

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Jack. We love The Old Stripper, and we're excited by all the success you've been having with it on the film festival circuit. You're an inspiration to other filmmakers!

  • Kai Erfurt

    Thanks to the gorst Filmfestival. Great Communication, great Organisation.

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Kai. Our audience really enjoyed Beta. Can't wait to see your next project!