Good Grain is anything that can be cultivated, curated and shared for the consumption and nourishment of society.
In a time when everyone can lift their voice, Good Grain seeks to be a movement that sifts and discovers timely expressions of hope, unity, creativity, and ingenuity.

How do we find the best content from the best creators in an age where everyone can produce?

Good Grain seeks to develop and share a platform that empowers perspectives of positive and provocative artists around the world through competition and curation.

1. Good People Have Good Stories to Tell
2. Every Conversation Is Crucial & Needs a Conversation Starter
3. Creators Are As Important As The Content They Create.
4. Cultivate Creators Through Competition.
5. Curate Content for the Bold

Asher Segelken - Founder of Good Grain Creative

CJ Casciotta - Founder of RingBeller, Author of Get Weird, Tedx Speaker

Brandon & Jess Setter - Owners and Creatives at Setter Studios

Beverly Kennedy Holloway - Casting Director of "I Can Only Imagine" & "The Ulitmate Gift"

David Trotter - Award-Winning Documentarian, host of "Inspiration Rising" Podcast

Matthew Charles Hall - Award-Winning Documentarian, Cannes Film Festival Alumni 2008

Kennedy Reed - Filmmaker, actor, singer, writer, and designer from Los Angeles

Noah Hanson - Award-Winning Filmmaker & Owner of NarrowLine Films

Charlie Bataglia - Award Winning Actor in Los Angeles

The Festival is a Single Evening at the Mockingbird Theater at the Factory in Franklin Tennessee.

Doors open at 6:30pm
Shorts Screening will begin at 7:05pm followed by a Q&A
Feature Film Screening will begin at 8:30pm followed by a Q&A
Awards for all competitions will be announced at 10:45pm.

All Official Selections & Finalists will be featured on Our Official Site and receive three tickets to the festival.

Winners of Best Feature, Best Short and Best Original Screenplay
Will Receive a PRIZE PACKAGE consisting of ($500 + 1 Year of Marketing Strategies (Valued at $24000))

Non-Cash Competitions
The Good Grain Award for Film Message
Best Director
Best Acting by an Ensemble
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Sound

All Submissions must have been completed after January 1st, 2019.

All Submissions must be final cuts, all drafts, and rough cuts will be disqualified and asked to resubmit.

All Submissions must have a mailing address.

Projects Submitted in previous festivals will not be accepted.

Must not contain pornographic content.

Foreign Language Films must have english subtitles to be considered.

Screenwriting submissions must be Original and between 5 and 30 pages.

All mainstream genres accepted for all competitions.