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Gone To Last

In the Northern working class town of Norwood, THE WRAGG brothers are stuck in the middle of a tit for tat war between a drunken sword wielding little person and a fresh out of jail loan shark.

ERNEST, a gangland debt collector who Ironically owes money himself is learning how to be a part time father to his son DARREN after his divorce.

NATHAN, a recently recruited charity worker moves in with his older brother to help pay the bills. But a life of petty crime is becoming an attractive source of income.

After an altercation at the Red Lion pub that saw TERRY BYGRAVES, Ernest's perverted business partner, be thrown over a wall by JIMMY WEBBER his squeeky voiced gangland boss. Things take a turn for the worse and Jimmy is sent to prison

Jimmy's unexpected release from jail catches Ernest by surprise. So he turns to Terry for an earning opportunity in an attempt to pay off the debt owed to his boss. But Terry, who's amidst a three day bender, is preoccupied by the death of his cat. He's convinced Jimmy killed it. So with the help of his friends from the Abbatoir he plots his revenge.

Meanwhile Jimmy has set up surveillance around Terry's back garden, hoping to get an incriminating photograph to blackmail him with, all the while, the Wragg brothers are forced to break into his house to steal a little telephone book full of phone numbers and sensitive information, this would wreak havoc if it was to get into the wrong hands.

Ernest and Nathan successfully retrieve the phone book but a third accomplice, Mad Kenny, falls out of a tree and is spotted by Terry. Terry who is now popping painkillers to enhance his waning buzz, is not sure if this person in front of him is real or a figment of his imagination. Either way, he's fighting him. It all comes to an end when Terry flings a flaming can of lighter fluid at Mad Kenny which sets him on fire.

The next morning, Jimmy wakes to discover his brand new sports car has been stolen, luckily for him he has a tracking device installed on it. After following the signal which brings him to a scrap yard owned by Nick Wragg, who is the father of Ernest and Nathan. He bumps into Darren, who inadvertently spills the beans on Nick and Terry stealing his car. So Jimmy kidnaps Darren and leaves Terry a note to bring four grand in cash and meet him at the same place where this entire story began, The Red Lion pub.

Ernest and Nathan arrive first to collect Nathan.
Terry arrives second with his samurai sword and a rucksack he claims has four thousand pounds inside.
Jimmy stands proud with a mobile phone in hand. It has Terry's wife's telephone number ready to dial. He threatens to call her to tell her all about her husband's sordid shenanigans over the past week.
Unfazed by this Terry claims at the count of three he is going to run over there and slice him in half. He's dismissed. 'He hasn't got the balls.'
So Terry begins to count to three. 'One, two, three!' He charges towards Jimmy with his samurai sword held up high. It turns out he wasn't bluffing.
Jimmy is caught off guard, he throws away the mobile phone and grabs a hold of his gun.
They both brace themselves for impact.
Jimmy holds up his gun and aims.
Terry strikes.
Jimmy pulls the trigger and bang! The sound rings out through out the streets.

Close up on Ernest opening in his eyes, he fears the worst, a scene of carnage and violence. But instead he sees quite the opposite.
Jimmy has missed with the gun and Terry has dropped his sword and is making a beeline for the wall he was once thrown over. Terry plans on diving over it to make it look like Jimmy's attacked him again in a hope to send him back to prison.

In slow motion we see Terry run pass Jimmy. If Terry can make it to the other side of the wall, maybe all of their problems will be solved. A police car screeches to a halt.
Ernest, Darren and Nathan cheer on.

Terry jumps onto a pub bench and then leaps over the wall. He slowly falls, but before he hits the ground we fade to black... Crash! Cut to Terry on the floor with a broken leg, he screams in pain.

  • Adam Beaumont
  • Adam Beaumont
  • Adam Beaumont
    Key Cast
    "Ernest Wragg"
  • Adam Beaumont
    Key Cast
    "Terry Bygraves"
  • Mike Smith
    Key Cast
    "Nathan Wragg"
  • Thomas Mannion
    Key Cast
    "Jimmy Webber"
  • Hayden Parkin
    Key Cast
    "Darren Wragg"
  • Paul Beaumont
    Key Cast
    "Nick Wragg"
  • Steve Beech
    Key Cast
  • Ross Marshall
    Key Cast
    "Mad Kenny"
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Feature
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 5 minutes 36 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 20, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    0 GBP
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Country of Filming:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Adam Beaumont