This festival is to help promote the short film makers in promoting as much as possible their short film production world wide. Each film will be shown on an online channel and judged by a panel of 4 judges.

No Cash prizes - An official festival winner Laurel will be awarded.

1. LONG SHORTS ( 15 minutes to 30 minutes duration)
2. MEDIUM SHORTS (10 minutes to 14 minutes duration)
3. MICRO SHORTS (1 minute to 9 minutes duration)
All foreign films must have English subtitles. Genres including: Sci Fi, Animated, horror, experimental, drama, comedy, thriller, action, documentary.
Please note that all films will be broadcasted on an online TV channel so by submitting your film you are automatically agreeing to consent us the right of broadcasting the film.
We reserve the right to show the film for more than once and to use it for promotional sake. You own all the copyrights, we do not intend to take any credit for that, so please don't worry, however we would need to show trailers, and clips for promotional material on TV, newspapers and website.
Please note that you should own all copyrights of your film, and have right release for any music used for your film.You can submit more than one film, however please use another application form for a new film.

Overall Rating
  • Maria Vilkki

    I have no idea what happened to the festival, was it even held?

    August 2016
  • Miltiades Christides

    Although my film was accepted, I have not any idea if the film was screened, when and where it was screened, how many people saw it. The notification date kept delaying up to a month and there was no official selection ever announced so I never found out the other films selected.

    July 2016
  • Pedro Jaen R.

    Very good festival! Interesting content. You help greatly to promote new films and authors.

    June 2016
  • Wagdy Rashed

    Wonderful Festival

    May 2016
  • Dominique Rochon

    Not sure what happened exactly. My understanding is that all movies were selected, a few got prizes. I haven't been informed when my movie was made available online.

    May 2016