Golden Lotus Award since its inception in 2009, has received a total of more than more than 3000 articles and television works, digital youth director from Hangzhou, works have been the Berlin Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival, Copenhagen International Film Festival International awards.
2017, Golden Lotus Award again, the organizing committee will invite first-class director, producer, critic and chairman of the International Film Festival jury composed of crossovers, with "free, open and pluralistic" attitude, pick out the short film competition four awards, including Best Director Award, best short film award, the future light, most Industry Award for attention. The autumn season, all finalists will be invited to come to the West Lake, the site can not only get the advice of professionals, but also can integrate film industrialization market, to seek in the style and genre of more possibility and breakthrough.

best short film
best director
best industry award
the birth of a future award

- style, type, subject matter is not limited, encourage more contributions

- the deadline for registration is August 1, 2017, and all applications for overdue registration will not be accepted .

All entries must be completed in January 1, 2016 after the production, and not to any version of any form of participation in the Festival Competition works; are not acceptable to network distribution way screened works (acceptable in other festival public screenings of the works).