Golden Wings International Film Awards (GWIFA Awards) is an USA based Film Festival operating from United Kingdom & India. The festival is created to celebrate the diversity of independent cinema, which are not visible through traditional channels, and hence have remained under-appreciated through the years. We aspire to give visibility to the undiscovered gems of the independent film industry and offer a dynamic platform to independent films, from all over the world.

Golden Wings International Film Awards (GWIFA Awards) invites independent films and screenplays from diverse filmmaking styles, backgrounds and genres, and accepts submissions across various categories and genres. Our aim is to promote originality in artistic expressionism, experimentation in storytelling and compelling narratives. We believe in giving well-deserved opportunities to indie filmmakers to tell their mesmerising stories and network with other ingenious filmmakers, thereby creating a powerful connection among independent filmmakers and film-lovers around the globe.

Submission categories :

All Technical Categories - Films
All Technical Categories - Screenplays
Drama Feature Film
Social Feature Film
Horror Feature Film
Sci Fi Feature Film
Thriller Feature Film
Creature Feature Film
Documentary Feature
TV/New Media (All Episodes)
Animation Feature Film
Sci Fi Feature Film
LGBTQIA+ Feature Film
Experimental Feature Film
Comedy Feature Film
FanFiction Feature Film
Fantasy Feature Film
Drama Short Film
Social Short Film
Documentary Short
TV/New Media (Episodic)
Comedy Short Film
Horror Short Film
Thriller Short Film
FanFiction Short Film
LGBTQIA+ Short Film
Fantasy Short Film
Sci Fi Short Film

Technical Awards:

Sound Design
Direction - Feature Film
Direction - Short Film
Original Score
Original Song
Editing - Short Film
Editing - Feature Film
Drama Feature Screenplay
Social Feature Screenplay
Horror Feature Screenplay
Thriller Feature Screenplay
LGBTQIA+ Feature Screenplay

Review Section:
Review Feature Film
Review Short Film
Review Feature Script
Review Short Script

Rules :
1. We accept films/videos without any production year restrictions.
2. Each film/video which is not in English must have English subtitles, otherwise, they shall get disqualified.
3. Screenplays are accepted in English only at the moment.
4. If you have used any open source content, it has to be mentioned.
5. We bear the operations costs with the submission fees and therefore do not entertain full waiver requests. We shall, of course, roll out offers to support the indie filmmaker community and share the same with you.
6. For the reason mentioned above, submission fees are non-refundable.
7. We do not entertain requests, threats, negotiations to alter a submission status. The festival management team’s decisions are final in this regard.
8. Please do not submit any content that promotes hate or discrimination in any way, such content shall be disqualified.
9. All relevant information regarding the festival shall remain available on our FilmFreeway page, social media handles and website. In case you need clarifications, we encourage you to write to us.
10. You shall be provided with a certificate and laurel for every selected entry.
11. You shall be provided with a certificate and laurel for your awarded entry. In addition to these, you shall be sent a questionnaire for a written interview for our readers. The link shall be made available to you for your work’s promotion.
12. Every month two entries shall be selected as Best Film of the Month and Best Script of the Month - the winners in these two categories shall receive a free review of their work along with the receivables mentioned in points no.11 and 12.

Overall Rating
  • Jim Zounis

    It was such a great honor to have our short film selected & win the award for Best Comedy Short in the Golden Wings International Film Awards event. Thank you all so much.

    December 2022
  • David Davidson

    I was happy to be selected and elated when awarded as a finalist in one category and capturing an award in one category. One of the festival’s to look for to have your work recognized.

    December 2022
  • This award is a great honor. Thank you!

    September 2022
  • Indeed, you have given golden wings to our dreams. Your award has reaffirmed our strengths and beliefs. Small cinema, alternate cinema, and parallel cinema needs festivals like Golden Wings IFF to breathe oxygen into their aspirations.

    September 2022
  • Jay Burton

    A cultured venue that has a true appreciation of art!

    September 2022