The Golden Trailer Awards is the entertainment industry’s most highly regarded and fun-filled celebration devoted to the year’s most outstanding achievements in motion picture and television marketing. The show has emerged as the most anticipated event acknowledging the work of filmmakers, producers, marketing executives and companies that create movie trailers, commercials and posters, worldwide. The Annual Hollywood Award Ceremony is held in May in Los Angeles and kicks off the busy Summer movie season. New this year we are kicking off the inaugural Holiday Show. GTA Holiday is a consumer focused, complimentary show to the live event, recognizing the best seasonal trailers. *Date restrictions apply.

This year the Golden Trailers are kicking off the GTA Holiday Show which will feature trailers focused on the year end and holiday releases. This narrow focus will give an opportunity to shine a spotlight at the releases that are too early or too late to make the cut off dates or break through for the GTA Annual Ceremony in Los Angeles.

The nominated work will be featured segments of a live streamed special. The host(s) will be filmed in festive locations introducing the categories and nominated trailer packages.
The submission date requirements will create a forward looking holiday program which will help viewers determine how to best spent their leisure time over the holidays. A number of Studios have also requested the inclusion of a Home Entertainment Category, so we have our first dedicated Home Ent category included in the line up. Exclusive categories will be focused on Holiday themes, year end releases, home entertainment and potential Oscar contenders.

The 20th Annual Golden Trailer Awards will take place next year on May 30th, 2019 at the Theatre at Ace Hotel and submissions for GTA20 will go live December 2018.

Categories for the inaugural Golden Trailer Holiday kick off program are:
Best 2018 Family/Holiday Movie
Best Award Season Standout Trailer (....For your Consideration)
Best Holiday Gutbuster
Best Breakout
Best Holiday Animation
Best Thr-Action (Action, Thriller)
Best Home ENT for the Holidays 2018 (Best Home Entertainment Trailer)
Best Foreign Holiday Trailer
Best Family/Holiday Programming for Network, Streaming Series or SVOD
BLUE Christmas (Most Dysfunctional Holiday Family Trailer)
Trailer for Best Video Game for the 2018 Holiday
Best Holiday Poster for a Feature Length Film
Best Holiday Promotional Poster for TV Series, Streaming Series, OTO, SVOD

The Winners for GTA Holiday will receive a special Holiday version of the classic GTA Trophy. Winner received one trophy per category and one ticket to the Holiday Cocktail Party Reception and Screening. One Award code is given per win, which allows the winners to fill out the customizable lines exactly how they wish to appear on their award trophy. Duplicate awards may be ordered for clients and contributors by clicking through ‘Trophy’ button on Poster category winners will receive the GTA Holiday plaque which contains the artwork of the winning poster and two tickets to the inaugural Holiday Reception which will take place in NYC.

Rules for Trailer/TV Spot/Video Game Entries

Trailers must be under 4 minutes and 30 seconds long (no exceptions).
Creation dates for Trailers/Teasers/TV spots/Video Game Trailers: In order to be eligible, the above mentioned must be created between TAX DAY - Tuesday April 17th, 2018 through Halloween - November 23rd, 2018. Since this is a Holiday theme adjunct to the Golden Trailer Awards, we are keeping our dates Holiday based which will help entrants recall deadlines. Please note, the date window is the creation date of the trailer NOT the film (TV Series or video game). It is the creation date of the asset. The jury for GTA Holiday will also consist of Directors, Producers, Celebs, Studio Executives and Creatives from the Advertising world. We assemble a new group of high level jurors for each and every show.

Maximum up-loadable size for trailers is 200MB (please note, the larger the file, the longer the upload for larger files, please be patient if you have a slow connection)
Please NO “bars and tone”, NOR “Company Slates” on the front of the trailer. The trailer should begin just after you hit play.

Rules for Poster Entries

The creation date for posters is also April 17th, 2018 through November 22nd, 2018
The poster must be made for a film being released or promoted for this Holiday 2018 Season. Maximum up-loadable size for posters is 20MB

Rules for Entries from outside the United States

In addition to the rules stated above, in order to qualify as a Foreign film, over 50% of the principal photography must have been shot outside the United States, and additionally a minimum of 50% of the funding must come from outside the United States. Entrants for Best Foreign Holiday can be live action or animated.

Terms and Conditions

By clicking the box to submit and enter the Golden Trailer Awards competition, entrant grants a nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, transferable, royalty-free, paid up right to Trailer Central, LLC (d.b.a. the Golden Trailer Awards) to reproduce, perform and display the entries (including, without limitation, in edited form or as part of compilations of entries) at the Golden Trailer Awards Awards Holiday Show and as part of the live stream on Golden Trailer Awards website, otherwise on the Golden Trailer Awards YouTube page and/or social media pages, images from the submitted film may be used in the annual program book to represent the nominee or on the website to represent the nominee or winner, and otherwise for educational and editorial purposes and for marketing and promotion the Golden Trailer Awards or the World Trailer Awards on any platform in any media now or hereafter known.

Entrant represents and warrants that it has all necessary rights to grant the rights granted herein for the specific usage above. Further, entrant represents and warrants it has secured all clearances and permissions for any third party intellectual property embodied within the entry (including without limitation, clearances/licenses for music and music publishing and trademarks) and any rights of privacy or publicity. Entrant will fully defend, indemnify and hold Trailer Central, LLC and the Golden Trailer Awards harmless from any costs, expenses and claims incurred by or made against Golden Trailer Awards, its parent company, affiliated entities, subsidiaries, licensees and assigns resulting from the use of the entries as set forth herein. The person submitting this entry form(s) represents and warrants that he or she has full authority to enter this awards competition.