Golden Boy - That Arrow of Fondness

This music video follows a young man who yearns for a beautiful girl (who is clearly interested in his best friend) to the point that he is dragged around hypnotically on a moving couch. The video plays with various emotions which are codified by the tones of the song, and the coloring of each section. Using a distinct 6 color-sectioning structure (Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue) this is the first of what will hopefully be many PRYGOB Productions.

  • Luke Gresback
  • Luke Gresback
  • Luke Gresback
  • Nile Whitmore
    Key Cast
  • Mya Hudson
    Key Cast
  • Julian Longmire
    Key Cast
  • Michelle Chernikova
    Key Cast
  • Emma Abdoo
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Genres:
    Romance, Comedy
  • Runtime:
    6 minutes 26 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    July 19, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    200 USD
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Luke Gresback

Luke Gresback is a 20-year-old, LA-based filmmaker/comedian from Moscow Idaho. Luke operated his own videography business and was nationally recognized in digital media production in high school, and has recently started a film production moniker of "PRYGOB." He puts his unique/quirky perspective into every piece of his work. Also, he has been the one writing this the whole time and feels very uncomfortable writing in the third-person.

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Director Statement

"That Arrow of Fondness" is a project that is very much an extension of myself. My new production company "PRYGOB" was created through the development of this video, and every shot in it is very meaningful to me as a filmmaker and as a person. As an artist, I'm never comfortable taking myself too seriously. I'm a silly person, and it's essential for me to use my jovial voice/perspective in any project I work on, especially ones which I am fully in charge of. In this video, my "voice" is quite literal, in that the beginning middle and end are directly written on-screen, with my inflection. My work reflects who I am, and "That Arrow of Fondness" is the consummate example of this.

Much of my film work is done with the mantra "art is dumb" informing it. I like my work for the most part not to have an explicit/metaphorical meaning. I prefer to provoke emotions which the audience then can interpret however they feel. This credo is what I tag the majority of my work with to indicate these ideas. As a filmmaker, I want to curate emotions which I romanticize in my own life and deliver them to an audience for their own interpretation. This project does not perfectly conform to this idea, because I did put some metaphorical meaning into it, but it does have some abstraction in order to appeal to the audience's raw emotion. So, in conclusion, art is dumb (sort of).